IBM releases new PowerLinux server

IBM releases new PowerLinux server

Summary: IBM continues to bet on Linux and open-source databases with its new PowerLinux 7R4 server.


Last year, IBM started investing more in Linux on its Power line of servers and now it's doubling down on that bet with its new PowerLinux 7R4 server.

Say hello to IBM's newest Power Linux server, the 7R4. (Credit: IBM)

This new Power server, which IBM advertises as a "high-performance/high-end" machine, is the next step up in its Power Systems PowerLinux line. It comes with four sockets and 32 CPU cores.

The PowerLinux 7R4 server is built on the same Power Systems platform running IBM's famous Watson cognitive computing solution and Jeopardy champion.

"As the Linux operating system and open source applications continue to mature, more clients are choosing IBM’s higher value hardware systems designed to handle mission critical and complex cloud and big data workloads in an open environment," said Doug Balog, General Manager for IBM Power Systems in a statement. "Responding to this need, we are aggressively continuing investments in our open Power Systems ecosystem -- including new products, applications and partnerships -- that support today's emerging Linux workloads.”

Like the rest of PowerLinux server line, the 7R4 runs with either Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). If you'd rather use AIX Unix and/or IBM i operating system you can use IBM's PowerVM virtualization tools to partition any Power Systems server into separate virtual machines with some running Linux-based applications while others running AIX or IBM i.

IBM is adding IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and EnterpriseDB database software. According to IBM, "In addition to IBM DB2 database software for Linux, which offers an average 98 percent compatibility with Oracle Database applications, IBM announced that EnterpriseDB's enterprise-level PostgreSQL-based database solution is now available on all Power Systems servers running Linux."

Ed Boyajian, EnterpriseDB's President and CEO, claimed in a statement that "Switching databases has traditionally been costly and risky due to limited application compatibility and lack of comprehensive migration tools and resources. EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server and IBM Power Systems solve this problem by providing extensive Oracle compatibility functionality, migration tools and expertise that deliver significant cost savings while allowing many Oracle based applications to run virtually unchanged.”

Oracle would, I'm sure, beg to differ. With this move, IBM seems to be distancing itself ever further from Oracle. 

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  • IBM releases new PowerLinux server

    Who would have thunk...........more Linux inovation everyday.
    Over and Out
  • Patiently waiting...

    ...for trolls to arrive. :-)
    • Actually, as one I'm sure you would consider a troll

      It's a pleasure to see Steven writing about real Linux news, instead of the typical cheap shots he normally takes.

      This is good news in the Linux community and hopefully businesses will benefit from the servers / Linux combination. The migration tools, if a tenth as good as claimed will revolutionize migrations and at least reduce the costs of moving from one platform to another.

      Having worked through enterprise level migration projects in the past, any improvement to tools is always welcome.

      However, and there's always a however, the quotes above are what I'd call Marketing Tripe. Only time and real world use will determine whether this is what is claimed or just another marketing tool designed to separate a business from their hard earned money.

      Come back with some real reviews from actual use by those that had to use the tools, that'd be real news.
      • Here is a review for you..

        ..from someone who worked for me - he built a cluster of 64-bit Power blades for CC processing company, running 64-bit linux - told me it worked great, told me to get similar number of transaction he would need double of Intel blades, close to tripple if running windows (not to mention licensing cost).
        Good enough for you? No?
        What you post (not just here) is "praise-but" trolling or call it gentle FUD - not as obvious as "owl" or "OwlllllllNet" and not as satirical as Loverock-Davidson, sorry

          Be sure to tell your friends about me!
        • Sigh, another "I think it's wonderful, but don't have anything to back it u

          Someone that worked for you. Well, who are you, who is this mythical person and do either of you have a clue about real life.

          I guess we'll never know, since you both have such high credibility.
          • Well, Cynical99...

            ...and who are you?
            I'm someone who designed and managed systems and networking for 5,000 node, 10 sites campus. I'm doing same for 1000 node, 8 sites company.
            WTF have you ever done?
          • Care to name the business / campus

            for all I know, you haven't so much as lifted a finger in the business. These are anonymous pages you know.

            So much for credibility for anyone here. This is strictly a forum for discussion and under Steven's leadership, flaming.

            Since you really can't backup your claims, and I can't imagine why anyone with your so called credentials would waste their time here, that sort of eliminates your credibility.

            Don't know how many times I've heard some low level tech claim to have wired the whole campus when all he did was pull a couple cables.
          • You should really stand...

   front of the mirror while reading out your post. :-)

            And of course i'm not telling my past and current employers, you moron.
            I don't have to prove i know what i'm talking about - there is enough specific technical information in my posts to figure that out.
            Unless of course you hit your ceiling working helpdesk...
          • I wonder who the fool is?

            Your comments carry no validity simply because this is an anonymous site. Any fool should understand that. Your claims and then defensive posture further detract from any credibility.

            I made no such claims, only that no credibility may be attributed to anyone (including me) on this site.

            Being reduced to calling those that disagree with you names indicates lack of professionalism, and makes me believe your the person that hit the ceiling.
          • Maybe i did...

            ...hit the ceiling - it's just much higher than yours...
          • then again, how do you know

            There you go again, making assumptions and you know what that makes you.
      • Let me go on the record

        Kudos SJVN. I sincerely hope your last 2 posts are an indication of the quality coming up in your future posts.

        Kudos Andrew for giving ZDNet community the chance to voice their concern about the poor quality of previous SJVN articles. It has had an immediate and greatly appreciated result.
        • oddbottom3 no body here cares if you go on the record or not

          Your posts always bare left haned babble with very little value.

          Should we all bow down to your FUD.... I think not............

          When you prove you can walk on water come back and see us.........with those cute horns I don't think we'll be seeing you any time soon.
          Over and Out
  • Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle

    Steven actually plugged open-source (not GPL, the BSD-like PostgreSQL license) PostgreSQL in this article. Next thing you know, Steven will start writing articles about PostgreSQL and BSD instead of trashing Microsoft.

    Waiting for the haters of non-GPL open-source products ...
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • BSD

      I would welcome more news about BSD
      • Mr. Davidson

        Thanks for the support. :)
        Rabid Howler Monkey
      • Duuuuh.


        You sir, are the best troll of all time. And that's a complement.
    • Rabid,

      Et tu Brute quoque? Did MS hire you along with Jason and Ken? I mean what is the problem of criticizing Microsoft?
  • IBM and open source

    Well... IBM is the biggest poster child of proprietary software.... they are selling open source software to make money from 'services', which actually costs more than proprietary software...

    Please don't give a shit about publicly listed companies selling open source software... they are no different from Oracle or Microsoft.... otherwise enlighten me how it make sense...