IBM shows off XIV grid-computing tech

IBM shows off XIV grid-computing tech

Summary: At Storage Expo, IBM put the XIV system on show in the UK for the first time, to highlight the company's approach to grid-based computing

TOPICS: Storage

IBM bought XIV a year ago so that it could obtain an innovative approach to grid computing.

The XIV disk grid-based system offers, according to IBM, "easier management, greater performance scalability, self-tuning/healing and thin provisioning". The system is designed to scale up as requirements increase and to reconfigure "on the fly".

In practical terms, you can lose a disk without affecting performance, although this demonstration was done "with crossed fingers".

Topic: Storage


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  • XIV and DS5000 are not the same

    The video concerns IBM's XIV storage product. IBM also markets a product called DS5000, an enhancement to the previous DS4700 and DS4800 products.
    Their design is very different and should not be confused.

    XIV is grid based using 1TB SATA drives and an innovative way of distributing 1MB chunks of data across all 180 1TB disks in the solution.
    80TB is the usable capacity.

    DS5000 is a traditional, but very capable, SAN device that provides different Raid levels and intermixing of FC and SATA drives. Different disk capacities are also supported. It starts off well below the 80TB of XIV.
  • Well spotted

    You are of course correct. Thanks and apologies for the error.
    Colin Barker