IBM splashes out on 'scab' labour

IBM splashes out on 'scab' labour

Summary: IBM has been recruiting "scab" labour to fill the gap that could be left by striking IBM Flightdeck workers, according to the Australian Services Union.

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IBM has been recruiting "scab" labour to fill the gap that could be left by striking IBM Flightdeck workers, according to the Australian Services Union.

"We understand that IBM has offered cash inducements, fairly large ones," said Sally McManus, branch secretary of the Australian Services Union.

Last week at the company's "Flightdeck" facility in Sydney's Baulkham Hills, 45 workers decided via secret ballot to strike for better pay and conditions. If IBM does not come to the negotiating table, it faces industrial action later this week.

If the money were spent on the workers' problems, instead of on inflated wages for replacements, the issues would disappear, McManus said.

The company's move to engage what the union called "scab" labour has disenchanted workers, according to McManus.

"The workers see this in a very, very bad light," she said, adding that the employees felt that if IBM cared, it would try and address their concerns rather than pay replacement workers more money than the employees themselves were entitled to.

Despite IBM's efforts to reduce the impact of the strike through such measures, McManus believed industrial action would still be effective. "You can't just find replacement workers to do this type of work. It's not as if there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of skilled workers who understand the IT infrastructure of these companies."

Yesterday, Qantas and Westpac, two of the customers which McManus had said would be affected by the strike, seemed confident it would not have wide-reaching repercussions, after taking precautions and receiving reassurances from IBM.

"I'm sure like every company does, IBM will be telling the world and its customers 'Don't worry, we've got everything under control'," McManus said. "I've heard that a hundred times and it's never true."

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Topics: IBM, IT Employment

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  • IBM have no conciencence

    They are typical corporate b@st@rds.
  • Bravo ASU

    A Tour de Force, rivaling the works of Zundel and Hubbard!! Simply breathtaking.
  • Fantastic!

    It's so good to hear an articulate, strong union fighting for IT workers! All power to them and those at IBM - I'm going to join that union, it's about time we got a voice. I don't work at IBM, but our issues are pretty similar
  • Grain of salt

    Don't believe everything the union are saying buddy.... the scab labor claim is another incorrect statement; not sure where they are getting their information from, but it was not offered as an incentive. In fact the bonus was not offered at all, because they didn't want people showing loyalties for the wrong reasons, ie as a grab for cash. In fact it is union misinformation like this that lead me to drop my membership with a union some years back and so never consider union membership again.
  • a scab is a scab

    IBM is offering scabs huge bonuses, when all they need to do is offer the affected employees a reasonable pay rise.... This approach is a puzzle of monumental proportions...... and how much would IBM have spent in the IRC on legal representation...
    good one IBM, don;pt let anyone tell you your not a caring progressive employer....
  • your a joke

    Angello - better get into your managers office soon, before you miss out on your payment. The union is right - IBM have been trying to put together a strike breaking force now for weeks, maybe even months.
  • Right On!

    Lets not forget that we're also after the right to work from home or at the very least, be paid an allowance to travel to work. These really will make a difference to our pay packets.
  • IBM strike

    IBM have made millions but find a problem paying proper wages. We dont want another silicon valley in this country - how can this country's IT industry really grow if IBM can just bring in labour to crush industrial action. Sounds like old fashioned worker's rights need to be included in the direction of the company not just for the company profits.