IBM to open three analytics centres in Europe

IBM to open three analytics centres in Europe

Summary: The company has announced it is to establish analytics centres in Zurich, Budapest and Vienna, focusing on a range of fields from public-sector analysis to financial management


IBM is to launch three analytics centres in Europe designed to hone processes and focus on new systems and services.

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Each centre will be focused on specific industries and analytics issues. The centres — based in Zurich, Budapest and Vienna — will complement IBM's other seven analytic hubs around the world.

The Zurich hub will focus on financial services and public-sector analytics, with a particular emphasis on fraud, financial management, brand reputation and traffic management. In Budapest, IBM will focus on recruiting students for careers in analytics. Vienna will be devoted to analytics for supply chains, smart grids, cities and planning.

The news comes after IBM spent $1.7bn (£1.1bn) on Netezza, a data-warehousing and analytics appliance provider, on Tuesday.

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