IBM's extended deal with Ameriprise represents opportunity for IT innovation

IBM's extended deal with Ameriprise represents opportunity for IT innovation

Summary: IBM reinks deal with Ameriprise Financial for handling the infrastructure needs of one of the world's largest financial services firms.


IBM is extending its partnership with Ameriprise Financial, which is a win-win for both parties.

Essentially, IBM handles the back-end work for Ameriprise while it is also demonstrating its own business and enterprise services around networking, storage and mainframes through a global customer worth $655 billion in assets.

Going back to 2006, IBM has been helping Ameriprise weave together various IT systems with different financial apps and products.

IBM is responsible for hosting Ameriprise PeopleSoft applications, which consists of application and infrastructure tiers for its human resource, financial management, supply chain, and customer relationship management functions, on the IBM SmartCloud.

Furthermore, IBM is supposed to make sure that Ameriprise's technology infrastructure stays up-to-date and even ahead of the curve. This is where things get interesting for IBM as it represents an opportunity for creating and incorporating innvovative technologies around IT and cloud computing.

IBM also asserted that this represents how its Global Services teams are integrating business insights (which are also evolving with IBM's big data strategy) with the tech giant's software and services portfolio for deployment on a global scale.

The end goal for IBM customers (not just Ameriprise) is to see return on investment in cutting-edge IT faster while freeing up resources to focus on their own products and strategies.

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  • "win - win" - NOT

    Ameriprise is one of the worse places for anyone to try "investing" and their management of IRA's is about the most sucky ever experienced. I made the mistake of sticking with them through the crash of 2008 and my fund equity sank to 50%. I realize management during such a situation can be somewhat challenging, but I finally managed to find a fund manager outside of Ameriprise who had preserved more than 90% of customers equity during the same period. Stay away from Ameriprise because they do NOT know how to do any kind of data analysis that will assist clients. Adopting IBM equipment will not assist their lack of ability.