iBuyPower mints new CoinMine desktops for Bitcoin mining

iBuyPower mints new CoinMine desktops for Bitcoin mining

Summary: The new PC series, starting at $999, lets you join the cryptocurrency gold rush without breaking the bank.

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Regular readers of this site will no doubt be aware of the frenzy surrounding Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, including the cottage industry that's popped up to "mine" the "coins." Much of that industry relies on mining hardware -- not the picks and axes of the original 49ers, but computers with high-powered graphics cards that can perform the necessary calculations faster to earn more coins.

At the apex, there are full-fledged mining operations, but ordinary folks can get in on the action as well. For instance, my ZDNet colleague Jason O'Grady has recently detailed how you can mine virtual coins on a Mac. While mainstream PC makers have largely resisted marketing their systems for coin-mining purposes, boutique company iBuyPower is testing the waters with a new lineup that it's expressing promoting for the task.

Not surprisingly dubbed the CoinMine series, the new desktops don't seem much different from the company's gaming rigs, though crucially they start with a pair of AMD Radeon R9 280X graphics cards as part of the base configuration. There are a pair of CoinMine desktops, one using AMD processors and the other Intel CPUs. As expected, the AMD-based model starts at a lower price ($999), and the base configuration features an FX-4300 processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB and DVD burner.

It relies on conventional air cooling, but the Intel version, which starts at a much higher $1,559 price, includes liquid cooling. That's crucial because the heat generated from the GPU operations is a known issue for Bitcoin mining. The Intel system also comes with a Core i3-4130 Haswell processor, 8GB of RAM, terabyte hard drive, and DVD burner. You can customize each model to your heart's content, adding a third graphics card (or downgrading to a single one) or upgrading processor, RAM, storage, cooling, etc.

We'll see if this is the start of a trend from PC vendors, though it's highly doubtful we'll see a Dell or HP "mining" lineup in the future. Are you planning on joining the Bitcoin mining community? If so, could you envision yourself purchasing one of these desktops to assist your mining operations? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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Topics: PCs, E-Commerce

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  • I thought

    Graphics card mining these currencies was already too lowfi?

    But no... In general i won't be spending ££££s to 'mine' any of the 'currencies'
    • For Bitcoin, yes.

      You're just buying a super high-end gaming machine that needs a CPU upgrade.

      Litecoin will be fine for this though, since Litecoin doesn't really work for ASIC mining (yet) anyway. Current trading of Litecoin has been floating between $12-20 lately. Mining may be easy for it now, but time will tell if it actually proves to be profitable over the long haul. It will still only be considered small potatoes to Bitcoin though.

      Anybody buying this for Bitcoin should have their head examined.
  • Whats the Hashrate

    Anyone who buys hardware for bitcoin mining needs to learn about hashrates and compare the hashrates to the investment. (there are other variables as well.) I doubt this GPU mining rig is cost effective.
    • Read my comment

      The hashrates are NOT good enough to mine Bitcoin. Period.

      If you bought 3 of those Butterfly Labs PCIe mining cards at 600GH/s each, then MAYBE it'd be decent enough to mine at a good clip, but each of those cards cost over $2000 too and you'd be dealing with "BS" Labs months-long shipping delays, so by the time you get your stuff, and the complexity increases constantly happening, probably not.

      The money in Bitcoins right now is in early adopters that got in at the start and trading, although trading has been pretty flat in the last week or so - there needs to be more news on banks banning or using Bitcoins for more buyers and sellers to get onboard for it to have an effect on trading prices.

      Litecoins would work well with a setup like this, but Litecoins are only gaining in popularity among miners that don't see any profits in Bitcoin mining anymore. They are not selling for enough money to make it worthwhile right now, so it's a waiting game.
  • What's that old saying?

    Oh yeah!! "There's a sucker born every minute."
    Arm A. Geddon
  • Get it with a quad-core i5.

    Then when you make nothing at bitcoin mining, you at least have a decent gaming rig. Especially with 3x R280 cards.
  • Cost to mine one bitcoin

    If one uses a standard desktop model of PC then how much time would it take to mine one bitcoin? That would define the lower limit of cost benefit ratio.
  • gpu mining

    its pointless to mine bitcoins using gpu's...if you're going to mine with high end up gpu's you will be better off mining litcoins or any other scrypt mining coin