Ice Cream Sandwich gets delivered to AT&T Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Ice Cream Sandwich gets delivered to AT&T Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Summary: Galaxy Note owners have been anxiously waiting for the Android ICS update and today AT&T announced it is rolling out. Galaxy S II Skyrocket owners are also not being left behind and can get the update.


Samsung rolled out the Ice Cream Sandwich update to the international Galaxy Note starting in May, but in typical fashion US carrier models were left behind. Today, AT&T announced their Galaxy Note update is available, along with an ICS update for the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. I know a coworker is very happy as he has been waiting for the Skyrocket update too.

IMHO, ICS is the best implementation of Android I have ever used and it is great to see existing device owners getting the update officially. The UI is improved and you get faster browsing, better multitasking, improved home screen organization, a new notifications bar, and much more. Samsung Galaxy Note owners will see major new features, including an improvem S Memo app and S Note utility.The S Note utility increases the functionality of the S Pen including:

  • Shape Match, which refines hand-drawn shapes such as circle, square, lines and arrows
  • Formula Match, which recognizes and completes complex math formulas
  • Knowledge Search, which enables the user to quickly research information from a hand-written note via Wolfram Alpha database
  • Templates for new documents

To get the update, follow the instructions on the AT&T Consumer Blog that include using the Samsung Kies program.

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  • How is the voice performance on SIII?

    In fact, I didn't notice the issue on SIII with my limited exposure to it (half hour reviewing in the store). But couple of my friends who own SIII complains the issue that the voice quality gets toasted over a lengthy call. Also how is Pen/Stylus operation on Note, is it as smooth and precise as like Windows Mobile devices?
    Ram U
    • Don't have the Note, GSIII voice is awesome!

      I only kept the Note for about three weeks and returned it. I just never used the pen enough for it to be of value at the time. I imagine with the new ICS update and enhanced apps I may have used it more, but with the Note 2 rumors I plan to wait it out.

      The GSIII may be one of the best voice phones around with some custom equalizer settings for each person and active noise cancellation toggle. My calls have been excellent on it with T-Mobile and I also love the additional WiFi Calling support.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • Thank you Matt

        I am thinking of retiring my HTC Advantage (x7501) and planning to get Note. Probably I will wait for Note 2. Of course I am using Titan II for surfing, but for pen input I have no other choice other than keeping HTC Advantage around. The capacitive pens on iPad suck.
        Ram U
    • Note..

      Stylus on Note is very good, Never tried it on a Windows Mobile device so I can't compare. It's not like writing on paper or anything but it works just fine and I have been amazed at how the character recognition can actually interpret a semi-legible scribble on a frequent basis.
  • Updating?

    I've read that you have to use Kies to update but nowhere does anyone mention if you have to back up your phone first or whether if your phone get wiped with the installation as if it was brand new. Could someone clarify if the update changes any of the data, settings, apps or files on the Note or what, if anything, you need to do prior to installing the update. Thanks
    • Re: Updating?

      Just back up all of your data just in case. It shouldn't change anything at all but just the U/I. As for things such as the apps, if you have a google account it will save everything you download on the server. so if you do lose apps, just go to the play store and select "my apps" from the settings and they'll all be there under the "all" and "installed" section. Hope this answered your questions.
      Chyna Doll
    • Re:Updating

      When I installed KIES and began using it, it prompted me to backup my phone...
    • No

      It doesn't get wiped but man, it jacked up my phone good... I ended up having to reset it but it didn't wipe out any of my storage so that was cool.
  • ICS is great on Note!

    I purchased my Galaxy Note in May 2012 knowing that ICS was just around the corner. I love my note and have been pleased with it but after loading ICS I became even MORE pleased with it. The performance on my NOTE was previously sub-par to the point I was regretting not waiting until the Galaxy Note II. When I upgraded it with ICS I was surprised at the performance increase, the NOTE is now quite snappy!

    A few observations.

    Previously when I left my house, my NOTE seemed to 'take a while' to switch between my home WI-FI network to the AT&T network. Previously, the voice command app using bluetooth would take a while to be operable while the NOTE switched from WIFI to the AT&T. Now it happens quickly and is imperceptable.

    All apps previously loaded work the same except for two exceptions. For some reason NETFLIX will no longer load in landscape view, it only loads in portrait view but will allow me to view movies/shows in landscape. Not a big deal.

    My BibleReader applet is MUCH slower.

    Those are the only two oddities I noticed, everything else works the same or much better.

    Facial Recognition works great and is a good parlor trick to amaze your friends with.

    ICS is a MUST update!
  • I just got Jelly Bean OTA...

    on my Google Galaxy Nexus last night 7/11. It is one purchase from the Google Play Store, not one from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc... which explains why Google was able to get it to me so fast. This is what Google has been getting knocked for by pundits for a long time. Other phones will likely have to wait a while , but Google is showing that it CAN be done. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint (as well as OEMs such as Acer, Asus, etc... for tablets) now have to step up to the plate (hopefully with some help from Google) to get these updates out in a timely manner.
  • ICS update

    @lc6529 Did you notice a change in the screen color after the update to ICS ?. My Galaxy Note's color was bit on the "saturated" side. But after the upgrade, the colors are somewhat normal. I just wanted to know if anyone has noticed this. I also notice that my Note has became slower after the update.
  • ICS 4.0.4

    I have to say, I was scared to install this update, so what I did was transferred everything to my SD card then took it out. Then I installed the update. Then I did a factory reset and proceeded to reinstall my apps and reload my preferences. After all that, I can officially say that the Note was made for ICS. Much smoother operation in all aspects. Launching apps, scrolling, and even the colors seem more polished. The browser is much better and less choppy. Scrolls like the GS3. The camera is faster too. I did have an issue saving photos to the SD card, but I have nothing on the internal memory card, so I switched it to the internal card and it works great. I'm a devout Swype user and it's super fast and accurate in ICS. The S Pen tracks better too. I don't use the S Pen that much, but I can tell that they spent some time on improving the software and versatility. I think my that one of my favorite improvements is the Restart option when you press the power button. Sometimes you just want to get the cobwebs out with a good restart, very nice option. Overall, I would recommend this update, but I always urge people to do a factory reset to clean the slate. The Kies software lets you backup everything you have on your phone, or do what I did and save everything to and SD card. You won't regret it.
  • Why no OTA?

    I don't understand why Kies is required for these updates. They're making it unnecessarily hard for people to upgrade.
    Ed Burnette
    • Proprietary software, just like Apple.

      Just like Apple wants you to use iTunes, they want you to use their software. That's what I think anyway. Kies is actually ok. Not great, but it allows you to back up your contacts, media, etc. Not at all a bad idea.
    • Because

      Samsung wants to be Apple and I don't get it myself.
  • ICS for the Note is awesome

    It is a very pleasant and smooth experience with a snappy interface! Can't wait until they get the Jelly Bean rolled out to the Note as well. Just wish they would stick to stock Android but oh well.
  • skyrocket ics

    When dialing, it says "Dialling" with 2 "l"s!
  • First: I installed ICS 4.0.4 on 7-22-2012 with difficulty; new update easy!

    At least the update was done OTA with native servers, afaik...

    Here's to AT&T for at least having some care for the original Note crowd, and good on them for that update that takes us to new heights in Android 4.0.4.