IDC and Juniper: Samsung dominates, LG rises, Apple remains steady

IDC and Juniper: Samsung dominates, LG rises, Apple remains steady

Summary: Samsung has continued its success in the smartphone and overall mobile phone market with a continued rise in market share, while a couple of Chinese vendors have made it into the top five as well.


Just over a month ago, ZDNet's Zack Whittaker wrote that smartphones were on pace to overtake feature phones, and in the latest IDC report, they reveal that more smartphones shipped in Q1 2013 than feature phones. There were 216.2 million smartphones reportedly shipped, compared to 202.4 million feature phones.

There were less overall units shipped in Q1 than there were in Q4, but the balance went to smartphones for the first time ever. People want more in their smartphone, and with the large number of choices, you can find them across the price spectrum as well.

IDC and Juniper: Samsung dominates, LG rises, Apple remains steady

As reported by both IDC and Juniper Research, Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market, with growth reported of nearly 61 percent. Once the Galaxy S4 launches, I am sure we will see that figure grow over this quarter as well.

Apple showed about a 7 percent growth over 2012 for the same quarter, and may remain flat if they really don't launch a new iPhone until the "fall" time period that Tim Cook stated in the recent earnings call.

LG posted their best smartphone sales quarter, appearing in third place for the smartphone market. The Nexus 4 and Optimus G drove those sales.

We also saw Chinese companies appearing in the top smartphone vendor figures, with Huawei and ZTE making the top five vendor list. The "Others" category is quite large, and includes companies like HTC, Nokia, Motorola, and BlackBerry.

Smartphone PR Q1 2013

Nokia still appears in second in overall mobile phone sales, thanks in large part to its Asha phone line. They have seen higher Lumia sales than the previous quarter, a reported 27 percent rise, and they are expanding their Lumia line to cover all levels of cost.

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  • Ouch, HTC...

    Ouch, so HTC didn't even make it into the top 5? That hurts. Maybe the One will help change those fortunes. I've always been a fan of HTC, and hope they can right themselves soon. It's also good to see Android smartphone makers other than Samsung registering marketshare growth. An Android ecosystem consisting of only one real vendor would not be good for the platform, IMHO.
    • I thought the same thing.

      I've always like their phones, and never though LG as anything special, yet LG's on the list, and HTC's nowhere to be found, which surprised me.
      William Farrel
      • about LG

        The nexus 4 probably helped them a lot.
  • Samsung has 140 different cell phone models

    on their web site. Is this growth coming from people moving from low-end Samsung phones to their high-end phones, or from stealing away iPhone customers, or just from an overall growing pie? Scenario one helps Samsung, since smart phones are more profitable. Scenario two helps Samsung and hurts Apple, and scenario three may simply mean Samsung is moving a lot of low-end phones.

    Any idea which scenario is playing out?
  • Scenario 4: GFC

    people sick of contracts and realising they are getting ripped and buying phones outright when upgrading. With the credit crunch and money being tight, people resort to second tier phones and Samsung caters for that better than most.
  • Plenty Of Room In The Android Market

    For those who keep insisting that Android is "saturated", or "dominated by Samsung": just look at LG and Huawei, both managing to double their sales, and ZTE also showing massive growth. It may not be too late for Nokia to join in, even now, and save a once-great name in mobile from disappearing forever.
    • @ldo17

      And how many smartphone makers are making Android? :-)

      Let's count LG, Huawei as well as ZTE to the dominant. It's still only 4.

      Nokia, as of now, cannot battle the price wars. It will hurt Nokia more than helping it.
      • Re: And how many smartphone makers are making Android?