IDC: Apple experiences low iPhone growth rate, other minor players see large growth

IDC: Apple experiences low iPhone growth rate, other minor players see large growth

Summary: Android manufacturers continue to be successful in the mobile phone market while Apple showed its 2nd slowest growth in about four years.

IDC: Apple experiences low iPhone growth rate, other minor players see large growth
(Image: LG)

The International Data Corporation (IDC) released their latest quarterly report on mobile phones with results showing that a total of 432.1 million mobile phones were shipped in Q2 2013, which is higher than last year and than last quarter. Smartphones saw major growth, 52.3 percent year-over-year, which is the highest annual growth rate seen in the last five quarters.

While Samsung saw great sales volumes, Apple saw its second lowest year-over-year iPhone growth rate in nearly four years. LG, Lenovo, ZTE, and others (includes HTC, BlackBerry, and Huawei) saw growth in shipments and in market share. Android still dominates with Samsung, LG, Lenovo, and ZTE taking four of the top five spots for smartphone vendors. Nokia dominates the Windows Phone world, but their Lumia line still hasn't been enough to penetrate the top five yet.


According to Ramon Llamas, research manager at IDC:

Market opportunities exist at all levels, including the high end. While Samsung and Apple accounted for significant share of the overall market, they were not the only vendors active in the high end of the market, and recent device introductions and upcoming launches signal more vendors targeting this space. Comparisons will certainly be made to the flagship Galaxy and iPhone models, but clearly the competition refuses to be shut out altogether.

The IDC report also stated that LG achieved a profit from its Android smartphone line and as I stated in some recent reviews LG is rolling out some outstanding smartphone options.

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  • Thar's Gold In Them Thar Androids

    More Android OEMs making more money than ever. Isn't competition wonderful?
    • competition

      Yes, it is, and we, the consumers, regardless of what brand we buy, reap the benefits.
    • Too bad no one

      other than Apple and Samsung are making any real money on smartphones. Ideally I'd like it split up better between different companies.
      Sam Wagner
      • Re: are making any real money on smartphones

        If they're not "making real money", why are so many joining in?

        All Android OEMs are making money (contrast with Windows OEMs). With the possible exception of one in each case...
  • In Other News...

    ...Nokia's shipments are down 20 million year-on-year. Maybe those golf games between Elop and Ballmer are starting to get a little ... strained ...
    • Some like to see Nokia....

      .... apart from Lumias, like Lumias are the first smartphones they ever made, and sales of Lumias don't have nothing related with being from Nokia.... some know that's not true.
    • No the WP part of Nokia is way up. More growth that apple or android.

      It's the non windows phone parts that are down. Elop and Ballmer need to golf more.
      Johnny Vegas
      • Smoke and mirrors

        When you are so small, even small sales increases translate into high growth. For the most part MS/Nokia are still irrelevant to the market.
        • Oh.

          So the number 3, 4 and 5 smart phone makers are between 10 and 12 million phone sales this quarter, so they are significant.

          Nokia at 7.5 million smart phones alone is irrelevent.

          Nice how that works.
          • Your numbers are wrong

            Lumia shipments were 5.6 million and the only the 2/3 of them were windows phone 8 devices. So yes, they are still in big troubles and i say that as one of the wp developer and lumia820 owner.
          • Where did you get your numbers?



            Likewise, what Lumia devices did Nokia sell last quarter that were not running windows phone 8?

            1) No where did I say Windows 8 phones.
            2) No where did I say that Nokia wasn't in trouble

            However I think we can agree that 7.4 million is nothing to dismiss if ZTE at 10.1 million is in the top 5.
      • Re: No the WP part of Nokia is way up

        Ignoring the fact they're sacrificing the major part of their business for that small Windows Phone part.
      • @ Johnny Vegas

        You are right but only partly!

        The thing that concerns me about Nokia is their hesitation in introducing better featured but cheaper ASP phones to the market. Think about it. A $149 ASP Lumia 520 introduced in Jan 2012 will have demolished both Samsung's and Apple's ASPs to an extent.

        Carriers in Europe (Telefonica, Russian carriers, O2 etc) have just woken up to the potential of mid and low-end Lumia phones.

        Microsoft could have used a mid-end Lumia to torpodoe iPhone ASPs and hence their dominance faster back in 2011 and in 2012. They have started to do it but only since Q4 2013.

        I still rate Nokia has having better subjective probability of survival than HTC or Blackberry or Motorola or Sony. But Nokia's real competition is not Apple. They have already won the mindshare battle against Samsung and Apple with Lumia 1020. All 3 have their real competition in Carbonn, Micromax, Tcl, Huawei, Zte, Lenovo and LG (lesser).

        Apple has no chance of success in 2014 and I see no reason in even holding their stock. It is like Facebook stock. But Facebook is still willing to bombard ads (which are imprecise to measure - the same game Google plays) in mobile to make money. How will Apple grow if their brand value declines since Apple brand is determined by their ASP?
        • Re: hesitation in introducing better featured but cheaper ASP phones

          Given how much they have to pay in Windows royalties to Microsoft, they can't afford to. They're already losing money on every Lumia as it is.
    • In other news, ldo17 wants the world to only use Android

      because he feels others shouldn't have a better phone then him

      He also shouldn't spin the facts, makes him look ignorant, or trollish, even.

      NoMore MicrosoftEver
  • Good news

    The rise of secondary Android players is good news for consumers, as it will spur competition. Still hoping Windows Phone finds some purchase, as having a second multi-vendor* OS option would also be good for consumers.

    *As opposed to iOS which is only sold by Apple.
    • Second option

      Sure, and the more choices we have, the more competition drives the others to work harder to produce a better, faster, cheaper, product.
  • HTC not in top five?

    It's surprising that HTC isn't in the top five. They've got a lot of great phones. Nokia too. I couldn't even name a branded phone by Lenovo, LG, or ZTE. I guess they're selling primarily in China.

    Hopefully, Nokia & HTC will break into the top five soon.
  • Apple needs to put it in gear.

    I do like Apple but Android is eating their lunch. I hope this situation isn't the answer to the question "how will Apple perform without Jobs."
    • Eating their lunch

      I think Apple is just fine with Android having 72% of the market when they see Samsung breaking the price of their premier product only a couple of months old by more than half price. Apple still gets the same price for the iPhone 5 as they did the day it came out. And a newer model on the way in a month or so. Samsung wants the volume, Apple wants the profit. Which is the better business model?