IDC lifts tablet forecast, sees Windows at 10% share in 2016

IDC lifts tablet forecast, sees Windows at 10% share in 2016

Summary: IDC said that new Android tablets and Apple's iPad mini are boosting demand for 2012.


IDC raised its 2012 tablet forecast to 122.3 million units, up from its previous projection of 117.1 million. By 2016, IDC expects Windows tablets to be more than 10 percent of the market.

In a statement, IDC said that new Android tablets and Apple's iPad mini are boosting demand for 2012. In 2013, IDC is expecting 174.4 million tablets and 282.7 million in 2016.

Overall, Android tablets from Google, Amazon and Samsung are surging. However, Apple remains the leader.

IDC said Android is likely to own the low-cost tablet market. Meanwhile, tablet shipments are coming at the expense of e-readers. IDC said 2012 e-reader shipments will be 19.9 million in 2012, down from 27.7 million in 2011.



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  • Bad day to be an AAPL stock holder

    AAPL: down nearly 5%.
    MSFT: up over 1%.

    I truly feel bad for all those who believed the hype and bought AAPL at $700. All those who shorted AAPL were very, very smart.

    Oh, and since we are constantly told that the quality of a product is directly linked to the share price of its maker, this means that all of your iPads and iPhones and iMacs are 5% worse right now than they were last night. Did you notice everything was taking a bit longer? Did you notice 5% more lag? 5% more instability? 5% more yellowing screens? 5% more dropped calls?

    All financials looked up from my Microsoft Surface RT.
    • SeanConnery to come out spinning it

      ... in 3 - 2 - 1 - GO
      • It looks like he already did (below), under yet another screen name

        of someone he's trying to impersonate. - in this one he calls himself "Owl1net".

        All kidding aside, that really is sad.
        William Farrel
        • Highest AAPL target price estimate for 2011: $376

          2011 Target for 2012: $540
          2012 high: Over $700
          Target today: $900


          12/5/12 "The demand for iPhone, the demand for Apple products continues to be exceptionally high," he said. "People want their products and we think that that ultimately going to drive the stock higher." - Gene Munster on CNBC

          • Too bad none of that helps you, Greg

            but keep it up, you're of real consequence, but it keeps you off the streets.
            William Farrel
          • It’s funny Will

            You can’t keep up.
            Keep trying so we can all laugh.
    • This just gets worse and worse

      Now down over 6%.

      Hey everyone, what is $700-$540? That's how much of a tailspin AAPL is in right now.

      MSFT still up over 1%.

      Is being up 1% better than being down 6%?

      People shorting AAPL were so smart to do so.
      • And now for the answer

        What is the answer to $700-$540? If you answered $160, you are correct.

        That's how much value AAPL has shed PER STOCK.

        That's astounding.

        That's terrifying for anyone entrenched in the Apple ecosystem.

        $160. Gone. Vanished. Squandered by the AAPL leadership. But that's okay, it'll go back up, right?
        And Eddy Cue is the one who is supposed to save Apple? He took a look. He clearly doesn't like what he sees. But that's okay, he's the only one, right?

        "Cue's stock move comes just days after SVP of Technologies Bob Mansfield sold 35,000 AAPL shares worth some $20.38 million."

        Uh oh. Ask yourself this: what could these guys possibly know that you don't? Answer: a LOT.

        Be smart like a senior Apple exec. Sell all your AAPL now.
    • What the?

      What does your comments have to do with this story?
    • Bad years to be a MSFT stock holder

      AAPL - Market Cap $506.84 Bil
      Today's close: $538.18
      12/5/2011 - Close: $393.62
      Change: Up 37% YTD
      StockScouter Rating: 8 out of 10
      "Expected to outperform the market over the next six months with less than average risk."

      MSFT - Market Cap $224.47 Bil
      Today's close: $26.64
      12/5/2011 - Close: $25.87
      Change: Up 3%
      StockScouter Rating: 3 out of 10
      "Expected to underperform the market over the next six months with less than average risk."

      Fun facts:
      "OWNERSHIP Grade: F
      Two or more executives, directors or major shareholders sold a large number of shares recently. Very negative.
      Shares are neither being accumulated heavily nor sold heavily by financial institutions."
      - MSN Money, 05/12/12

      "There's no such thing as global warming; it's cold today!" - toddbottom3
  • Missing…..

    Did you notice 5% more lag?, Citation needed
    5% more instability?, Citation needed
    5% more yellowing screens?, Citation needed
    5% more dropped calls?, Citation needed
    • Citations needed?

      Why? I'm asking a question, not stating it as fact.

      Since we have been told that the quality of a product is directly linked to the share price of the maker, and Apple's share price is freefalling, I'm only asking if people have noticed that their Apple products have reduced quality today. No citations needed, just answers.
      • Missing

        “Since we have been told that the quality of a product is directly linked to the share price of the maker”

        Citation needed
        • Ah, you should have said that from the beginning

          I'm not going to waste my time pulling up the hundreds of comments where people have basically stated that Microsoft products suck and when challenged on that, the answer invariably is: just look at MSFT's stock price and compare it to AAPL's.

          Do you believe it to be so or do you believe that good products can still be good and still be sold in very low numbers by a company with a flat (or falling, as is the case of AAPL) stock price?

          Please note I've never stated that YOU have said the above, now is your chance to state your position.
          • "MSFT needs to go into 2013 with some momentum"

            "Sales are trending in the 500,000 to 600,000 range, below previous estimates of 1-2 million units. Detwiler says that had originally expected sales in the quarter of 2-3 million Surface Pro tablets, the Intel version of the device – but it hasn’t even launched.

            The firm adds that while Nokia’s stock has rallied on reports of Lumia stock outs, this likely has more to do with conservative component orders than strong demand, and notes that Verizon sales reps are not having much success selling “inferior hardware and mobile platform that is unfamiliar to the average user.”

            Detwiler concludes that Microsoft may have to vertically integrate into the mobile phone hardware market – a Surface phone, in effect. ”MSFT needs to go into 2013 with some momentum,” the firm says, “and while sales are obviously headed in the right direction, we’re skeptical they are going to have much of an impact.”

            MSFT shares are unchanged at $26.43.
    • Hi Daikon, here's the citation that was missing:
      • Thanks

        Wonder why Todd did not post.
  • Assuming tablets won't be replaced... some newer technology.
  • IDC

    didn't IDC predict a while ago that Windows was going to own the majority of tablets and phone market share by 2016?
  • Predictions

    Are nothing more than (qualified) guesses. I don't know (or care) what the actual results will be, but WHY do participants in this forum claim to be so certain that THEY are right? It's like "my father is stronger than your father" all the time. Very little constructive discussion going on, just "Apple sucks", "iPad is the worst tablet ever", or "No! MS sucks, Surface is doomed!" etc.