IDC Q4 2012 report: Smart connected device market up thanks to tablet shipments

IDC Q4 2012 report: Smart connected device market up thanks to tablet shipments

Summary: Desktop and portable PC shipments continue to decline while tablets spur growth in the smart connected devices market.


IDC just sent out their press release documenting the fourth quarter 2012 results for smart connected devices (smartphones, tablets, and PCs). Shipments of smart connected devices were up 28.3 percent from 2011 with tablets driving the year-over-year growth.


Samsung just barely passed up Apple in 2012 with a major 86 percent increase over 2011, shipping 77.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012. Lenovo, HP, and Sony round out the top five from Q4 2012, each with single digit market share. Apple did show a resurgence in the fourth quarter, compared to earlier in 2012, thanks in large part to the release of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. It will be interesting to see how Samsung and Apple compete in 2013.


Chart: Worldwide Smart Connected Device Market Share by Product Category, 2010-2012 Description: The data in this chart comes from the following IDC Trackers: WW Quarterly PC Tracker, WW Quarterly Tablet Tracker, and WW Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. PC data includes Desktop PCs and Portable PCs. Tablet data does not include eReaders. Mobile Phone Data does not include Feature Phones. For further information contact Kathy Nagamine at Author: IDCcharts powered by iCharts

Smartphones and tablets were both up for the year, while portable PCs and desktop PCs were down. Smartphone shipments increased 46.1 percent (60.1 percent of the smart connected devices market share) while tablets grew 78.4 percent to grab a 10.7 percent market share of this mobile segment.

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  • "It will be interesting to see how Samsung and Apple compete in 2013."

    It hasn't been very interesting for the last 5 years... Though it gives some exceedingly dull people things to argue over.

    My interest lies with what tech will actually come out... You know, to use. I'm starting to think the world would be a much better place if anyone who possesses an opinion on either of those brands were forcibly offered places on a NASA trip to mars to settle their differences and their products released under psudonims.

    Personally I'm hoping to see greater integration between mobile devices this year; less of the stand alone design philosophy.
  • It is easy for Samsung to increase "smart connected devices" quantity ...

    ... numbers by just re-issuing basically the same featurephones with "smart" mobile OS installed on them (Android, Bada, Tizen, whatever). This is how they jumped so strong year over year.

    In the coming Q4 of this year Samsung might have basically any number of their 110+ million phones converted into "smartphone" category (even though most of those devices never really used as smartphones as active web traffic shows).

    So total devices count is more fair measure for comparison.
  • You know you don't have to use your smartphone for internet

    for it to be considered as a smart phone, don't you?
    My wife has a smart phone and only use's it on the internet when it's connected to a wireless router. Of course she also use's it for a "gasp" phone, amazing that!
  • Win8 Pro and the Enterprise

    It will take time but you can see the momentum building and once Haswell and other 4th gen processing arrives, watch out. Integration will be facilitated and enabled so that connectivity becomes the norm.