IFA 2013: Acer readies DA241HL Android desktop

IFA 2013: Acer readies DA241HL Android desktop

Summary: The 24-inch all-in-one PC uses a Tegra 3 processor and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, but is there a market for it?

TOPICS: PCs, Android
acer-android-Acer DA241HL-desktop-pc

Acer has unveiled the latest desktop PC to use Android as its OS at the IFA 2013 show in Berlin this week. The DA241HL joins the forthcoming HP Slate 21 and Acer's own DA220HQL as desktops that are powered by mobile processors and the Android OS.

While the Slate 21 is expected to use Nvidia's new Tegra 4 processor, the DA241HL will rely on a Tegra 3 CPU. But it also delivers a bigger screen -- 24 inches -- though with the same 1080p resolution (1,920x1,080) and ability to tilt (between 20 and 75 degrees).

The DA241HL will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and should be able to run apps from the Google Play store, according to Acer. Our sister site CNET has some hands-on observations about how well the Tegra 3-powered system performs with Android.

Acer has announced European pricing of 429 euros (roughly $565) when the DA241HL is released in October. But the question remains: Will anyone want to buy one of these desktops to use Android at home instead of on (or in addition to) their phone or tablet? Would you? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

Topics: PCs, Android

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  • IFA 2013: Acer readies DA241HL Android desktop

    The number 1 malware ridden OS on your desktop. No thanks. It lacks apps and is incompatible with most systems out there. You would be wasting your money on an android desktop.
    • Whatever problems it may or may not have

      I don't think "Android" and the phrase "lacking apps" have found themselves frequently in the same sentence.
  • Potentially Doable

    Heck, I use my Transformer for all kinds of daily stuff and frequently have wished for a bigger touchcreen. Not sure if this design will go mainstream but I an see it pulling in a decent niche market.
    Potential? Yes.
    • mouse options

      the one thing Android needs for desktop is improved mouse control.
      it needs drag highlighting, context sensitive right click menu, and the ctrl and shift selections that makes mouse control in windows very slick and powerful on desktop.
  • What about window 8

    why not an android, is like a window phone, who ever though MS would come out with windows phone. Android is doing the same thing except is pushing into desktops. at the very least I would give it a try. Remember... everybody is familiar with android but people a disappointed with windows 8.
    • Innuendo

      "Remember... everybody is familiar with android but people a disappointed with windows 8."

      And most of those people who you say are disappointed have never used it.
      • agree

        I'm a massive Android fan and I'm liking win8 on a tablet.... a lot!
        I'm using Transformer TF300 and Asus Vivotab Smart (atom based win8).
        I'm using the transformer less and less.
        I'm using my laptop less and less.
        Win8pro tablet does it all!
      • Re: most of those people who you say are disappointed have never used it

        Something to do with what they heard from the small number who are disappointed who HAVE used it.
  • It has potential

    If this runs pure Android and therefore gets timely updates, then yes, this has a lot of potential to be useful to people. Once a full version of Chrome is incorporated into Android with extensions and plugins, hopefully in the not-too distant future, then most people will have all they need as it will basically run two OSes. I can see a variety of convertible Android/Chrome devices coming out then.
  • I thught people didn't like mbile for desktop.

    That is what I'm told is so horrible about Windows 8 for desktops.

    Surely the same idea is bad when all companies do it, yes?
    Michael Alan Goff
  • Tegra 3 Actually Has 5 Cores

    There is a 5th low-power core that can run when the other 4 are powered down.

    But only if you run Android or some other Linux-based OS. The 5th core doesn't work with Windows.
    • Would I use an android desktop?

      I think it would be useful for someone else. It seems awesome. Business even. Personally I don't have the space for a desktop anyway so I go smaller. It's always relative to the consumer's personal needs. Personally for laptop, 14" suits my living space. Looking for 10.1" note in near future.
      Linda Goodman
    • 5 Cores

      Ido17, is 5 Cores equivalent to the i-5's?
      Linda Goodman