I'm furious I bought an iPad 3. Are you?

I'm furious I bought an iPad 3. Are you?

Summary: Now we know why they refused to call it the iPad 3. They knew they were going to replace this thing in a few months, and didn't want the name to stick.


You know, it never ceases to amaze me. No matter how close I get to actually not being annoyed at Apple, a few months go by and -- boom -- they doing something that just gets my goat.

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This time, though, I'm probably not alone. Like half the planet, I bought an iPad 3 last March. That was -- count with me now ... March, April, May, June, July, August, September ... just about six months ago. I spent more than $800 bucks on a top-of-the-line model, because, well, the reality distortion field caught up with me, I guess.

Now we know why they refused to call it the iPad 3. They knew they were going to replace this thing in a few months, and didn't want the name to stick.

Now, as of Tuesday, my top-of-the-line, eight-hundred-plus buck tablet has been replaced with something twice the performance, for the same price.

Look, I understand that my iPad isn't obsolete, and to claim otherwise would be stupid, as PCMag's Sascha Segan insists. After all, I can still play Angry Birds, right?

And I also understand that tech goes through upgrade cycles. New technology begets more new technology, and we don't want to slow the wheels of progress. Like all technology, whatever you buy is going to be obsolete sooner or later.

There's something of an unspoken contract between vendors and customers. We normally expect the items we buy -- especially the newest and fastest and bestest -- to be the newest and fastest and bestest for at least a year.

It's natural to feel ripped off in this situation. Let's say you go into a steak house and order a steak. Now, ten minutes later, the waiter replaces the menu with one where the steak is twice as big (and even more tender and juicy), for the same price. You'd naturally expect to be able to get the better deal. It's only right. After all, if the waiter knew a better deal was coming along really soon, you'd at least have expected him to tell you, and let you wait ten minutes to order the better deal. Yes, guys like big steaks.

But here, here we all got snookered. We all bought into the hype-fest that is Apple, and we all thought the iPad 3 was going to be the best iPad evar, for at least a year. Now we know why they refused to call it the iPad 3. They knew, right when they were pitching us this dog, that a newer model was right around the corner.

In retrospect, I guess I'm not furious. It's just Apple. For some reason, they always seem to annoy me with something. This time it's paying $800+ six months too soon and getting half the performance. I guess I'm just resigned to Apple being Apple.

I'll tell you one thing: I'm not buying an iPad mini. That thing is going to be retina-ized real soon now. $329 for something that's essentially a $199 tablet? Not me. Not this time.

What about you? Did you buy an iPad 3? Are you upset? TalkBack below.


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David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • To answer your question . . .

    No, I am not.
    • I'm also!!!

      I've bought 2 Ipads 3 (me and my husband), 1 iMac (June, 2012) paying prices from Brazil (4 times american price - taxes). I've bought a Macmini and after a lot of problems (very, very noise - Apple now retired videocards) I sold it and bought iMac as I said. You can guess how I am feeling. I'm selling 2 Ipads 3 right now and I am completelly sure I will not buy Macs anymore. Maybe Iphone or IPad but not any other thing from Apple.
      Sphinx Brasil
    • Neither am I!

      Because I'm smart enough not to buy Apple. :-D
    • Ipad 3 is a mistake

      To me it feels like the ipad 3 is a mistake. It is completely obsolete, it is gone from the apple store inventory.. They prefer to keep the ipad 2 which is less powerful... What that suppose to mean? Im an apple fan but they think they can do whatever they want with us.. Mark my words, I will not going to buy an Ipad for at least 4 years...
    • Me neither. I know it's hard to believe

      but my iPad 3 performs identically today as it did last week before the iPad 4 was announced.
      • Are you sure about that?

        Considering how much APPL has fallen in the last month, and considering whenever anyone mentions an MS product, your immediate reaction is "it must suck, look at MSFT stock price", I can only conclude that your iPad 3 performs approximately 15% worse today than it did a month ago.
        • Here's the thing...

          "Considering how much APPL has fallen in the last month"
          Yesterday's coverage of Apple's financial results was ridiculous. Amazon posted a loss. Amazon, with a P/E in the high 200s posted a loss. They didn't make their last quarter's guidance. They lost money. Apple, on the other hand, beat their guidance and posted their biggest non-holiday quarter ever. Ever. and yet Apple got knocked down in after hours trading while Amazon clawed back the initial knee jerk reaction to their earnings to head ever upwards.

          Another thing to contemplate. Apple sold 14 million iPads last quarter - probably a lot of people held off to see what this "iPad mini" thing was going to be like. But Apple sold 14 million units. No one else in the tablet market has managed to sell that many units in their entire lifetime. In fact, it's probably fair to assume that all the other tablet makers haven't sold that many units added together, because if these other tablets were selling well, we'd hear actual numbers, something both Amazon and Google seem to be reticent to release.

          One last thing to think about. If Apple were the iPad company - only selling iPads - then their earnings last quarter would have put them into the position of 77th largest company - still two places higher than Google for all it does.
  • I don't know about you David,

    but I bought an iPad 3 to replace my aging iPad 1 in March.
    I'm sure you'll also remember that the PC industry of just a few years ago grew in leaps and bounds and when purchasing a new computer, it was pretty much a given, that a few months later something more powerful would show up.
    It's also nice to know that Apple is still selling the iPad 2, thus guaranteeing that your iPad 3 will accept a few iOS updates for the next couple of years, at least.
    Bottom line, don't sweat it.
    • iPads have a 2 year lifespan?

      Ouch. Even cheap budget PCs last 3 years.

      That's Apple (lack of) quality for you.
      • Yes

        Yes, iPads have a little advertised self-desruct mechanism. Two years after they were first activated a small vial of hydrochloric acid (housed between the battery and the display adaptor) ruptures and the contents spill out over the motherboard, destroying critical components and rendering the unit useless.
        • but

          how can you tell the difference between before the vial opened and after?
        • No, no.

          That's only the CIA version of the iPad !

          And you WEREN'T supposed to TELL people that !
          William Carr
      • Its happening again

        Apple Lisa...its comming back...lol
      • Oh ToddBottom.

        The iPad 1's are doing just fine. Even Consumer Reports says the iPad is #1 http://news.consumerreports.org/electronics/2012/04/new-apple-ipad-tops-our-tablet-ratings.html
    • iPad 3

      It appears as though the iPad 3 is being phased out to make room for the iPad 4.
  • So....what are you going to do with the extra CPU cycles?

    I bought the original iPad in April 2010. It was quick, fast, and responsive. Better than I expected. It has an A4 processor and 256 megs of RAM. Guess what? I still use that same iPad today, averaging around 2 hours daily of usage. It's still fast, quick, and responsive as ever! Nice to see Apple improving the state-of-the-art, but I'm not sure what I'd do with the extra CPU speed. I can't see how a faster CPU will help me read, watch videos, or surf the web any faster.
    • I wish!

      I, too, have an original iPad. And, you're right, in the beginning, it was awesome. Zippy, responsive ... I loved it.

      I still do love it, but the upgrade to iOS 5 really dampened its performance. I can still use it, but it's not nearly as responsive as it was under iOS 4 :( I make sure to keep only one or two apps open, but the difference is really noticeable.

      To Apple's credit, their service has been great. I wrote a hand-written letter to Tim Cook, and soon after received a series of calls from his office. They seemed genuinely interested in listening to me, and gave me their individual extensions and emails.

      Overall, I love my iPad, but I wish I hadn't upgraded to iOS 5!
      • iOS 5 initially slowed my iPad down a bit but then...

        After upgrading to iOS 5 I turned off all the extra notification features that I didn't need and a friend of mine showed me how to clear out recently used apps that were fragmenting my "working memory". (Periodically, double-click your home button, then clear out the icons that show up on the lower bar.) Don't worry...you won't be deleting your apps but you will be improving your systems performance immensely.
        • iOS's process management is very very broken

          "Periodically, double-click your home button, then clear out the icons that show up on the lower bar"

          This is why I laugh when people claim that installing the new OS has sped up their iDevice. What they fail to take into account is that they have to reboot after the install. Their iDevice is only faster when compared to how slow their iDevice gets after a few hours of using it.

          My iPhone 4 and iPad 2 have gotten slower and slower after every iOS "upgrade".
          • Oh Todd.

            Speaking out of your bottom again.