Images: A quick spin through Nokia's free Ovi sat-nav

Images: A quick spin through Nokia's free Ovi sat-nav

Summary: ZDNet UK checks out the features of the latest Ovi Maps, Nokia's turn-by-turn smartphone sat-nav application

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  • The screenshot above shows a standard driving view in Ovi Maps.

    Ovi Maps presents its information using vector-based graphics, which are far more lightweight than the bitmap-based graphics used by some competing products. This makes the maps quicker to load.

  • Ovi Maps also has dedicated functionality for pedestrians, allowing navigation through parks and pathways in over 100 cities.

    Rival applications usually support only navigation along roads, as they are intended only for drivers.

  • Ovi Maps's vector-based graphics provide 3D images of 6,000 landmarks in over 200 cities.

Topic: Networking

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  • Why is it still asking for payment?

    I have downloaded Ovi Maps 3 and installed it on my E61.
    It looks very good and the voice guidance is excellent, however it is still requesting payment and asking for a credit card in order to continue the services beyond a 3-day free trial. What can I do to be able to use the new totally-free maps as advertised?
  • On the E61?

    Hmm - are you sure you have downloaded the latest version? I don't think the E61 is supported yet...
    David Meyer
  • Possible reason for the fee request...

    Thanks for your reply ! Having looked into this a bit more I think that the problem is that although the maps are the latest version they need an updated version of the actual app. to be able to support the "no fee" operation. I hope Nokia does not disappoint the millions of owners of older handsets!