Images: Fly to the moon with Google Earth

Images: Fly to the moon with Google Earth

Summary: On the 40th anniversary of the first moon walk, Google launched Moon in Google Earth, providing 3D images and information to would-be space tourists

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  • By selecting 'Moon' from the Google Earth menu, people can zoom into different corners of the moon to get high-resolution photos and videos. This video allows you to pan over the surface to see the different formations.

  • The Moon on Google Earth application is also designed to enable users to find out about the moon missions. From the application, people can get guided video tours from astronauts.

  • People can visit the locations of each of the Apollo missions. In addition to providing links to panoramic images and YouTube videos, the maps are annotated with little details (and small icons of astronauts). Here, you can see the location where astronauts played golf on the moon.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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