iMore report: iPhone 5S likely coming in August, new iPads may launch in April

iMore report: iPhone 5S likely coming in August, new iPads may launch in April

Summary: It's no real surprise that Apple will launch an iPhone 5S this year, but there are reports we may see the new iPad launch announcement move back to the first half of the year again.

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There have been rumors of the next iPhone since the iPhone 5 was launched, and I try to avoid posting about these every other week. However, much like when EF Hutton talks, I listen when my pal Rene Ritchie posts about the next iPhone and possible new iPads.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the next iPhone will be the iPhone 5S, likely with the same form factor as the iPhone 5, but with a bump in the internals. Rene's sources informed him that the iPhone 5S will include an improved camera, a more advance processor (no surprise there), and that it may launch in August.

It is interesting to hear that Apple may launch new iPads as early as April though. They just released the iPad mini and fourth generation iPad in October 2012. Thus, it seems to me a bit early to launch a new iPad, even though the iPad 3 that I have did launch a year ago.

Maybe the iPad mini and minor updates in the full size iPad were a bit unusual, and we are going back to a spring launch of the iPad and late summer launch of the iPhone. I am perfectly happy with my iPad 3 with Retina display, but don't use it enough to justify another iPad upgrade at $750+.

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Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • iPhone is yesterdays news...

    Apple gimmicks are not interesting anymore. iPhone5S or iPhone365 is old news.
    • Which, I suppose....

      Is the reason you don't read nor comment on any Apple related blog.
      • My comment doesn't imply that.

    • I'm sure...

      This is the main reason,why all the Internet FULL of speculations about new iDevice features 6 months before it should come!
      Maria Davidenko
    • Hey Owlll1net,

      Is the iPhone365 a compliment to the Office 365 product? Has Apple gone in with Microsoft on this deal? Pray tell us where you got this information...
  • iDontCare

    Unless Apple can break their 3 year track record of no innovations and do something other than having the smallest, lowest DPI (that's right, Retina is now the lowest of the DPI screen technologies, both Samsung and Nokia have passed them), the worst cameras, and the most tired looking mobile UI, I am effectively done with this platform and the numbers don't lie, they are loosing ground to everyone.

    I am tired of news of the latest iPhone-It-In, because, there is no news.
    • Part right

      Their screens are low res by today's standard, that is true, but they are still plenty high res.

      iOS has always been a horror to look at from an aesthetics standpoint, but virtually everything Apple makes is ugly (Macbooks, anyone?!? Hideous.) I actually think that's the point. They look "weird" so they're "cool."

      And yes, their industrial design leaves much to be desired: "Gee, let's coat *both* sides of our phone in glass. That'll be cool! Oh, what, our phones break too easily? Well then, how about we take this material that I use to wrap my sandwiches up with and instead wrap our phones in that. That should get 'em out of the factory without being scratched."

      But their internals are fantastic. The iPhone 5's camera, for instance, is arguably the best on any phone not running Symbian. And it is unequivocally the best per mm of phone thickness. And their screens, while no longer impressive from a DPI standpoint, are still probably the best out there from color accuracy and touch accuracy standpoints. They know how to put stuff together over there in Cupertino.

      What they have never been good at is innovating, except in advertising (where they are very good). iPhone's have never been leading edge in anything other than hardware specs, and that advantage is disappearing. That's why they really need to focus on innovation.
      x I'm tc
  • Now Matthew doesn't buy something?

    ... When the ipad mini will likely get the retina screen bump it direly needs. I think the full size ipad is all but worthless with as big and heavy as it is, I never actually took mine anywhere. The mini with LTE, much as I wanted to deny it, is one of the most innovative apple products in a while. That they did it a complete disservice with this horrendous third world display is the only major ding against it, BUT I now understand why...

    A mini with retina display at the outset would have obliterated the full size ipad and they still have plenty of those in the channel. So the plan now is likely to release the mini with retina display alongside a more powerful 9.7 inch model without the godawful weight and that ridiculous bezel. In this way, both lines should keep strong momentum.

    I'm seriously considering taking my mini back right now and just waiting on the announcement to see if the retina version shows up. It'll be damn near perfect. And so of all the things you constantly buy to "report" on and how fortunate you are to be able to do so, NOW you won't buy another iPad?
  • You sure on the name?

    Some of these dumb analysts said the iPad release a year ago would be called the "iPad 3" or 'iPad HD". They were obviously wrong.
    While the iPhone could logically be the 5S since there was a 3S and 4S, don't guarantee it!
    That said, the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be king [note: I don't have any Android or iPhone so I am not being biased - unlike some people].