Improve smartphone photos with native editing tools (gallery)

Improve smartphone photos with native editing tools (gallery)

Summary: Smartphones today take good quality photos, but you can make them even better with a little editing. This gallery shows the available tools for Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, and iOS.


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  • Android: My what big eyes you have granny

  • Android: Flip the photo for a different perspective

  • BlackBerry 10: Editor starts in Artistic mode

    BlackBerry Z10 with BB10

    The photo editing tools were shown to me at the BB10 launch and have a slick user interface that helps make photo editing a fun experience.

    After you open a photo and select to edit it you are launched into the center of the editor with the Artistic tool immediately available below your photo. The way the BB10 editor works is there is a bottom toolbar showing the four main tools and the row above this shows you the available options with thumbnails of your edited photo above the name of the option. When you tap the option, the large photo appears with your changes in place. You still have to save the edited photo and can always go back to your original.

    The options available to you in Artistic mode include black and white, lomo, antique, sepia, watercolor, sketch, and more. I like these options much more than those on the HTC One and many like this are found on Samsung devices.

    The Transform tool is limited and gives you options to rotate, free transform the size, or make an image square.

    With Enhance options you can adjust red-eye, brightness, white balance, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and noise reduction. These are the standard editing tools you might find on your computer and are helpful for manual photo control.

    The last tool, Styles, lets you apply Instagram-like quick styles to your photo. Options include smooth face, sixties, grain, age photo, cartoon, big eyes, and more.

    I like the mix of traditional editing tools and new filters on BB10 and find it to be one of the most useful native photo editors available to smartphone owners today.

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