In India, there's a tablet for everyone

In India, there's a tablet for everyone

Summary: The interest in tablet PCs has gripped the price conscious Indian market with manufacturers leveraging personalities to sell cost-efficient, under powered and crappy tablets.

TOPICS: India, Tablets

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  • Tablet for the spiritual

    If you're spiritual and a follower of Sri Sri Ravishankar, his organization partnered with Chennai based OEM EAFT to come up with the Android 2.3 based tablet. The tablet comes bundled with content from Art of Living. It costs ~$340.

    Image credit: The Mobile Indian

  • Tablet for women

    You're a working professional and a woman? Well, here's a tablet PC just for you! You can put it in handbags and it has apps tailored for you. Or so they advertise. The 3G enabled Android 2.3 tablet called TabTop comes from Milagrow Humantech.

Topics: India, Tablets

Manan Kakkar

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Telecommunication engineer with a keen interest in end-user technology and a News junkie, I share my thoughts while preparing for my Master's in Information Management.

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  • Crappy review of supposedly crappy tablets

    You have stated that these are underpowered crappy tablets. You may be right, but you have presented no data at all to back up your allegations....just presented a bunch of photos At the very lease where is your first hand user's review or where are the specs? Have you even used any of these tablets?
    • Agreed

      I didn't see this as a review but rather a round up, so I wasn't worried about the lack of specifications and such. Having said that, I definitely expected reviews from elsewhere to back up the claims that these are crappy. No, I'm not saying these are good tablets; I remember reading reviews of some of these tablets elsewhere that echoed Manan's opinion but it's poor journalism to not back up the claim. I'm also taken aback at the last one; why in the world would you label an unreleased tablet crap?
    • Seriously?

      You need me to review Android 2.x to "back a claim"? Really?
      Manan Kakkar
      • Actually, yes.

        There is a big difference between these various pieces of hardware.
        2)Memory type and capacity. Ability for off tablet storage.
        3)Screen type, size, resolution.
        4)Underlying CPU and the customization level applied to the OS.
        5)Battery life
        6)For some people, the degree of "green"
        7)Support levels. I bet at least the call is still local. :-)
        8)Communication type. WIFI or plug in only.
        9)Basic quality of construction.

        It DOES make a difference. Something I buy at $100 could be a relative bargain.
        if fulfills my needs. The same item might still be a bargain at $400, or it can be a
        tremendous rip off. A simplistic comparison is buying a computer monitor.
        Both may share certain properties, but the differences in quality reveal themselves
        after use.
      • At the least, back it up

        I don't expect you review them if they are already out-dated. But I don't see any basis in your post for claiming them to be crappy. Also, like richard233 said, there are so many aspects of the hardware that might appeal to different set of users. In my opinion, without these details, your article serves no purpose.
      • Calling Android 2.3 crap is a little harsh.

        If running Android 2.x is your definition of crap, then you seem to have also included a very large number of perfectly useable well made hardware from major manufacturers (Sony, Samsung, HTC, among others) in your definition of crap products. Outdated yes, but crap no.....not even close.
  • "Crappy" Or Not ...

    ... they seem to be selling. And India is a pretty large market. So maybe we shouldn't discount these products simply because they're not the sort of thing affluent Westerners would splurge on, eh?
    • Reasons

      These are cheap marketing stunts that are used to sell products running outdated tech.
      Manan Kakkar
  • Crappy tabs...

    Istopped by HR Gregg the other day (my wife and I are in the narket for a new oven) and saw that, mixed in with their Samsung and ASUS android tablet offerings, they were selling one of those cheapo $99.00 no-name brand Android tablets. Didn't have a whole lot of time to play with it, but I will say that it felt plenty zippy. Yeah, the screen was pretty bad (no doubt 800x480) and it didn't seem to have access to the Android market, but the device seemed plenty usable.

    I think we're reaching the point where even cheapo no-name brand tablets are becoming quite usable. That's probably the development that Apple fears most, the point at which you can buy a perfectly usable $100 device that lets you surf the web and check your Facebook status, play Angry Birds and check your appointment calendar: in other words, the stuff that 90% of prospective tablet owners would mostly use their tablet for anyway.
  • Crappy tabs...

    In India there are so much poverty, that this tablet at that price is really a gift and actually can improve their lives. Maybe you cannot play a game, but certainly, you can do many things quite more useful.
  • Are the prices in USDs?

    "It costs ~$340" - I can imagine it should be very expensive in India if the price is in USD.
    Tomas M.
    • Sort of, yes

      At $340 selling a tablet running an outdated OS by simply bundling a few apps/vids is disgraceful marketing.
      Manan Kakkar
  • not expensive

    340.0 Indian Rupee = 6.14550384094 US Dollar
    preferred user
    • EDIT

      Price must have been in USD cheapest Tablet on line in India is USD $45.00
      if that's the case at $345.00 USD the one mentioned is a rip off
      preferred user
  • Least educational article ever

    Manan, this was truly a masterful piece of ... ah, who am I kidding? You should probably just have titled the write-up "Slideshow of tablets in India", because as is, people were actually driven to read about those tablets, not just see pictures of them.
  • I think it's an interesting trend..

    Budget tablets are not 'under-powered' as you suggest. The Allwinner 1X SoC at $7 will be a game changer for budget tablets as it incorporates the Mali 400 GPU - Swipe Telecom tablets already have it and I am sure others will follow suite. There are many people (like my Dad who is retired) who would consider a budget tablet seriously. I would appreciate objective reviews on the subject from ZDnet. I have done a review of my own on my blog (not trying to plug it, but showing perhaps a more balanced perspective than the writer of this piece?!)
  • And in Venezuela too

    that is the size of the Bonanza of the country... Venezuela offers 1,000,000 visas per year and they are all gone

    And guess what?

    By american people..!!