In pictures: Apple’s new store in Madrid

In pictures: Apple’s new store in Madrid

Summary: Apple has finally opened its new flagship store in the centre of Madrid. ZDNet went along to the opening.


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  • The store is located at Puerta del Sol 1, right in the heart of Spain’s capital city. The building first opened its doors in 1864 and has gone through a number of different identities since then, including the famous Grand Hotel Paris which closed in 2006.

    This is Apple’s 11th store in Spain and its first in the centre of Madrid.

    All images Steve Evans/ZDNet

  • The store officially opened its doors at 9.30am, but Apple fans were lining the streets long before then. The first 1,000 people through the door were given a free T-shirt to mark the occasion, although the steady stream of visitors continued long after all the shirts had been handed out.

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  • LOL!

    "Those waiting in line joined in with the excitement, signing “Si! Si! Si! Apple esta aqui!” (Yes! Yes! Yes! Apple is here!) with the staff."

    I got such a great laugh at the whole Idea. It's great sales motivation I'm sure. Get the people happy, like it's a party and they will gladly part with their cash.

    Brings to mind: A fool and his money are soon parted.

    I wish Apple success with this new store, but I'm sure they don't need it.
    • So you condone those that cajole to swindle others?

      How American of you.

      It's not so LOL to you anymore, is it?
  • Honor

    Must have been an honor for ZDNet to come along to a new store unveiling.