In pictures: Take a look inside Telefonica's Madrid datacenter

In pictures: Take a look inside Telefonica's Madrid datacenter

Summary: The Spanish telco's largest facility is based outside the Spanish capital. ZDNet was invited along to see inside.


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  • One new addition to the datacenter is a facility that Telefonica calls the Innovation Center.

    It's an area where existing and potential customers can come and see demonstrations of the technologies Telefonica is using in the datacenter, particularly around cloud computing.

  • Security is tight at the datacenter. As well as nearly 150 cameras dotted around the premises, access to rooms is controlled by keycard.

    Doors such as the one pictured above control who can access the rooms, as well as ensuring that there are not too many people in the room at one time as the weight on the floor needs to be closely monitored.

    There are also 10,000 sensors placed around the facility to monitor conditions in the building.

  • At the moment the Alcala datacenter contains seven rooms (six of which are operational), each covering 680 square metres and capable of holding more thn 350 racks. Around 2,000 racks are in operation at the moment.

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