In pictures: Take a look inside Telefonica's Madrid datacenter

In pictures: Take a look inside Telefonica's Madrid datacenter

Summary: The Spanish telco's largest facility is based outside the Spanish capital. ZDNet was invited along to see inside.


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  • At the moment the Alcala datacenter contains seven rooms (six of which are operational), each covering 680 square metres and capable of holding more thn 350 racks. Around 2,000 racks are in operation at the moment.

  • Telefonica uses much of the space in the datacenter itself, but customers ranging from petroleum companies to supermarkets are also using the center.

  • The datacenter uses free cooling to keep the rooms at the optimum temperature.

    During the winter, hot air generated by the equipment is recycled and mixed with cooler air to maintain the right temperature, while water vapour can also be mixed in with the air to reduce temperatures during the very hot summer months. Telefonica says free cooling is used for about 92 percent of the year.

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