In spite of all the hate, I like Windows 8

In spite of all the hate, I like Windows 8

Summary: Windows 8 is a good operating system. It might be Microsoft's best yet. Yes, even better than Windows XP.

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For all the Microsoft and Windows 8 hating going on, I like Windows 8. I think it's innovative and very cool--to use the vernacular. Windows 8 is what we've really been waiting for on mobile devices. And, it's what we've waited for on business desktops as well. It has features of Mac OS X, Linux and other Windows versions. It was brilliant of Microsoft to take the best bits from all of its competitor OSs, refine them and put them into Windows 8. You have to love that. You have to applaud it. I don't care who you are or which OS you're clinging to, Windows 8 is the future and you'd better embrace it or be left out in the cold with the Dodo bird.

I don't know exactly why it is but people seem to resist change, even when it's good. It must be a human nature thing. I fell prey to it as well. I hated Windows 8 at first. But, I was converted after trying it. I'm one of the people who went from, "Windows 8 sucks" to "Windows 8 is cool."

I know there's a lot of hate going on here and elsewhere but maybe negative commentary is somehow more popular than positive. I don't care which it is. I speak my mind regardless of what everyone else is doing. And, I have the technical background to back up my likes and dislikes. That's the difference in those who are Technology Journalists and those who are technology workers who are also journalists*.

I'm one of the people who went from, "Windows 8 sucks" to "Windows 8 is cool."

The difference in my attitude toward it is time spent with it. Those who hate Windows 8 haven't spent enough time with it or haven't given it a chance to "gel." Windows 8 is cool. It has some features that should have been in Windows OSs years ago. Instead, we had to rely on second rate, third party apps to do what needed to be native.

Some have criticized Microsoft in the past for including utilities, such as a web browser, in their operating system but frankly, I prefer native applications to third party ones most of the time. Third party applications can be great but more often than not, they are 'crashy' and feature-lacking. In fact, there's one particular company that shall remain nameless that basically took native Windows applications, repackaged them and then sold them as awesome third-party utilities. Ridiculous. That same company did the same thing with *nix utilities. Bottom line: If native apps are available, I want them.

Mac OS X Features: File History, Touch Screen, App Store.

Linux Features: Storage Spaces, Mounting ISOs and VHDs, Virtualization, NFS client.

Windows Features: Windows Defender, User Access Control, PowerShell.

There was a lot of hate for Windows 95 as well, when it first hit the market. That horrible Start button--that now, everyone is complaining isn't there in Windows 8. I don't care if it's there or not. To me, it never really served a good purpose. If you could see my desktop, I have all of the application icons that I use on a regular basis on my desktop. For the ones that aren't on my desktop, I double-click a file to open the application around it. I rarely use the stupid Start button. Chances are pretty good that you don't either if you know how to create icon shortcuts. It's just too much clicking around and hunting.

In Windows 8, you have your workspace already full of icons. Some applications remain in Metro mode while others will flip you around to the standard desktop. It doesn't really matter which you use, Apps are apps. People and journalists are making a big deal about nothing. But, that doesn't surprise me either.

Windows 8 is good. Embrace it or don't embrace it based on your own experience. Don't rely on some half-baked industry observer to sway your opinion in one direction or another. Make up your own mind by trying it. If you still don't like it after giving it a chance, then so be it. Stick with Windows 7 for another five or six years until Windows 10 comes out and then switch. Alternatively, you can always switch to Mac or Linux. But, my guess is that you won't like those either.

*I typically shun that moniker for myself. To me, 'journalist' has a negative connotation. Perhaps reporter or analyst would be a more fitting term for me. No, I don't like 'blogger' either.

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Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments.

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  • Good for you

    Good to see it suits you well. I really like it on touchscreen devices too! (but not so much on non-touch ones).
    Unfortunally there's also a lot of people out there that don't like it. Yes you're right, there's friction with every time a major UI design upgrade is done, but this time, they're implementing their own taste against the will of many users that don't like it. They're implementing a touch UI regardless of device's capabilities, and while some people like it, equally as much or more don't. Microsoft isn't giving them a choice, That's what's causing friction.

    I wrote a blog post about it myself too, can be found here . *shameless self advertising*
    I don't think it's a BAD UI, I think it's a good UI in the wrong place.
    • What not giving a choice?

      Your choice is to remain using Windows 7 if you're not happy with 8 in your old PC. Nobody is forcing you. Now you want to blame MS for that freaking choice. Windows 8 is for new machines and others are happy with it.
      • What they do is not giving a choice

        Imagine you bring your car to the garage, and they upgrade it, install a brand new roaring engine, speed it up, streamline it, and then install a cactus as seat and a joystick as steering. I personally would ask "Can't I have my old steering and seat back? I like the upgrades, I just don't like those two".
        • Cant cater for everyone..

          They cant cater for everyone or specialise the OS for each individual. When you go to buy a new car you dont buy half of it and tell them to change parts to other older models first.

          Think of it more as a engine that runs differently than the previous, not an incremental upgrade to the old.
        • The cactus as a seat is not a proper analogy.

          Seriously man. You have to be real.

          You could say that they made the seat out of some rare material you and a few like you have some allergy to, but cactus as a seat is nonsense.

          Clearly there are going to be millions who either dont see the cactus/seat analogy as having any relevence or they just really like sitting on a cactus.

          Next time try harder to understand where your complaints REALLY sit in the big picture of millions around the world who seem to feel that WP8 is going to be a huge hit.
        • Correcting your analogy

          I'll even use the cactus as a seat part.

          Imagine you bring your car to a dealership and you're considering trading it in for the brand new model. The dealer ASKS you, (they give YOU the option) would you like a new car that has a roaring engine, is faster, more streamlined, and has a new cactus seat and a joystick for steering?

          You now have a choice. You can choose to drive away and keep your old car and return in a few years to see what they have then. Or, you can say that the upgrades are worth it and I can learn to use the rest.

          Either way it goes... the choice is yours. They give you a choice. You may not like the choice(s) you have, but the ultimate decision is up to you not them.
      • Additionally

        Articles like this which are popping up more and more are giving Microsoft an underdog position, and there's a load of people that are willing to force themselves to use a UI they don't really like JUST because they want to side with Microsoft. Psychology is a funny thing, heh.
        • Not that I dislike it

          Not that I dislike Windows 8, I just hope people keep thinking for themselves.
        • I assure you...

          that I benefit in no way by "siding" with Microsoft or Apple or any other company.
        • No. But the attitude you have is hilarious.

          We could talk for weeks about the psychology of avid, even insane Apple fanatics. That would be a far more relevant conversation about the psychology of gadget purchasers.

          Or some of the ludicrous loony tune talk from at least one of the ZDNet writers who always seems ready to proclaim this to be the year of Linux/Android.

          Nobody in any significant number buy a smartphone because someone is the underdog. Apple proved the exact VERY OPPOSITE for an absolute fact.

          Show the world you’re the elite, and the world will beat a path to your door. ANY Apple enthusiast will tell you that.

          Any concept that people will buy WP8 in any notable number…like beyond 4…is plain nuts. Its stupid talk and has no place in any rational conversation.

          Grow up and stop trying to pervert honest interest in a quality product.
        • Technology has to move forward

          No, some of us realize if software companies didn't do something "unreasonable" once in awhile, UDX technology would ever evolve. We would be back at HTML 1.0 without all those great features that sites like Facebook and YouTube use that you take for granted.
    • "Microsoft isn't giving them a choice..."

      IMO there are is choice, you don't need use ModernUI at all, on Desktop Windows 8 is no different then Windows 7, yea, if someone still using start menu then may complain, but there are plenty third party software 'emulating' SM, many of them allow even disable ModernUI and boot directly to desktop.

      I use Windows 8 since Dev Prev, and I really like this new approach, giving me what is best from both worlds.
      Nice article Ken, it pleasure to read something that honest.
      • It's not a start menu replacement

        Perhaps you should look at the blog link I added. Microsoft isn't just 'replacing the start menu' like many people say; They're trying to replace the desktop altogether. "Touch for everyone! Even for those that don't have it! "
        It's just a bit schizophrenic in nature. Like I replied to that other post above yours, it's a great OS with a big fat birthmark on it. Well, It's a pretty birthmark I have to admit, just, I can't really work with it on devices that don't have touch. Why not keep the touch part to touch devices? Do we really have to deal with metro/ifkam as a 'necessary inconvenient start menu replacement' just because they're not competent enough to provide us a solution that isn't as schizo?
        • There are none so blind

          You see a touch UI. I see a UI that works with kb/mouse, touch, gesture, voice and stylus across multiple platforms - pcs, tablet, phone,console.

          I don't like Win 8, I love it ;-)
    • Heres the thing...

      In the next 18 months, there will not be a PC sold without a TOUCH SCREEN. Mark my words. This OS is going to blow up, and the touch screen PC is HERE NOW. Every Monitor, laptop, and tablet... full on touch. Due to this Windows 8 OS. I have been using Windows 8 on my laptop since Friday... and going back into my mac today felt like going back in TIME. Crazy. I love the new interface.. it rocks.
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