In wake of Tumblr acquisition, Yahoo bids for Hulu

In wake of Tumblr acquisition, Yahoo bids for Hulu

Summary: Just call her Marissa "Moxie" Mayer.


Yahoo has made an offer to acquire popular streaming video website Hulu, according to a new AllThingsD report.

The news comes days after the company announced that it would acquire microblogging network Tumblr for $1.1 billion.

The tech (media?) giant is hardly alone in the race; DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, William Morris Endeavor, KKR, Guggenheim Digital and The Chernin Group all seek a piece or all of the pie, Peter Kafka reports. Today, the site is jointly owned by News Corp., Disney and Comcast.

Readers should know that CBS Corp., parent company of ZDNet, has relationships and/or competes with a number of these companies. But that fact is precisely what makes this so interesting: while Hulu isn't a company we would typically cover on these business technology-oriented pages, the potential deal is interesting because it represents Yahoo's increasing move away from by-the-books technology and toward media.

In recent years, both Yahoo and AOL have spent considerable sums of money and time refashioning themselves into businesses that have reputations built on Web 1.0 technology but revenues built on advertising dollars. As with Tumblr, Yahoo's interest in Hulu demonstrates the company's eagerness to own the channels and sell against them.

Which prompts a simple question: What is a "technology company" these days, anyway?

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  • Waze would be a good buy, too

    What's a billion here or a billion there?
    x I'm tc
  • More like, just call her Melissa...

    "Brain Dead" Mayer instead.
  • Why Is Hulu For Sale?

    Who currently owns Hulu? News Corp, Disney and Comcast. Who provides most of the content for Hulu? They do. Who keeps cutting features from Hulu, just as they start to become popular? They do.

    Whoever buys Hulu is going to become hostage to the content owners. They're only selling it because they figure they can make more money by extorting it off some sucker (via the good old "copyright piracy" bogeyman) than by running a legitimate business themselves.
    • Hmm

      Unless Hulu becomes YouTube Like in Nature.
  • Except for tumblr, Mayer is acquiring a bunch of junk

    "We want tumblr, but we're not going to ph*ck it up." Yea, right, how many times has that line blew up in our face? I don't see how buying up unprofitable businesses is going to bring Yahoo back to its jurassic 1997 self, so what is her plan AFTER acquisition? Yahoo isn't going to manage all these businesses.

    And just to make this relevant, if you've ever actually joined Hulu, you probably unjoined it within the trial period because it lacks any content that you want to watch, much like cable movie channels -- hey thanks for showing me another Bruce Willis/Sly Stallone/Gena Davis/Eddie Murphy movie for the 3,000th time!