Apple to reproduce iPhone 4 in India, Indonesia

Apple to reproduce iPhone 4 in India, Indonesia

Summary: Following earlier rumors it is looking to offer unsold inventory of iPhone 4 in the Indian market, reports now suggest Apple has restarted production of the device to be sold in India, Indonesia, and Brazil.


Apple reportedly is now planning to switch back on production for the iPhone 4 to be sold in India, Indonesia, and Brazil, following an earlier move to offer unsold inventory of the device in the Indian market. 

Contract manufacturer, Foxconn, is reported to already have restarted production as part of Apple's move to offer a low-cost model to regain market share in the three markets, according to a report by The Economic Times, which cited senior executives with knowledge of the issue. There were no details on the production volume.

Earlier reports had pointed to plans to relaunch the iPhone 4 in India, where the company faced sluggish sales and falling share in the mid-range market segment against rival Samsung. The price of the 8GB iPhone 4 model was to be slashed from its previous retail price of 26,500 rupees (US$424.02), as the U.S. smartphone maker looked to have an offering in India's sub-30,000 rupees (US$480.02) segment.

The entry-level iPhone 5s and 5c sells for 53,500 rupees (US$856.04) and 41,900 rupees (US$670.43), respectively. New 8GB iPhone 4 stock was reintroduced in stores over the past couple of weeks at a pricetag of 22,900 rupees (US$366.42), displaying a December 2013 manufacturing date, according to The Economic Times.

If reports are true true, this will mark the first time Apple is resurrecting production of a discontinued model, after it stopped manufacturing the iPhone 4 following the launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c in September 2013, and previous models including the iPhone 5 launched in 2012 and iPhone 4S in 2011.

Several markets still offer older iPhone models. Apple's China store, for instance, offers the iPhone 4 and 4S, while the Singapore store still sells the iPhone 4S. 

With a population of over 1.2 billion, India has an estimated 67 million smartphone subscribers of over 893 million mobile phones in total. 

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  • so by your estimation...

    ...there an average of 13 phones per subscriber?? There's got to be a ton of businesses in here because if this is consumer numbers, I call BS.…
    Cory Ducey
  • Better off buying...

    ...a Lumia 520/525. Both are 8GB phones but at least you can put a micro-SD card in there. You really can't do much with 8GB of storage. Or... Indian OEM Micromax is releasing a new Windows Phone this year, why would you want to be a phone that is 3-4 years old?
    • Because

      It's NOT a Windows Phone?