Bharti Airtel launches mobile education services

Bharti Airtel launches mobile education services

Summary: Indian telco offers range of education services including English lessons and career advice delivered via voice and SMS formats for a small daily fee.


Indian telco Bharti Airtel has launched a range of affordable mobile education services, dubbed mEducation, allowing customers access to services such as English lessons, exam preparation and career advice over their handsets.

In a report by the Times of India Wednesday, K Srinivas, Bharti Airtel president for consumer business, said: "In many parts of the country, access to formal education is still restricted. The mobile platform has the potential to bridge this restriction using technology. Airtel mEducation service uses technology-enabled platforms to address the challenging issues of education with an endeavor to enrich the lives of our customers."

According to the company, the mEducation service platform allows Airtel customers across India to easily access, via a few clicks on their phones, various education services including courses for language skills, entrance exam preparation and career counseling from universities and professors in India.

The services are priced ranging from INR 1.5 to INR 10 (US$0.03 to US$0.18) per day. They are delivered over both voice and SMS (short messaging service) formats and offer an interactive learning experience in the native language of customers, the report said.

Airtel is also offering mock tests for the entrance and competitive exams of courses such as MBA (Master of Business Administration), priced at INR 99 (US$1.82) for a series of 12 mock tests, it added.

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