Ezetap launches first 'made in India' mobile POS unit

Ezetap launches first 'made in India' mobile POS unit

Summary: Bangalore-based firm claims to have developed the first India-made mobile point-of-sale card reader, which costs less than US$50 and has been certified to global security standards.


Indian company Ezetap has launched a device which turns any smartphone into a point-of-sale (POS) credit card reader.

Company founder and CEO Abhijit Bose said it was the first locally developed and manufactured product supporting magnetic stripe, chip and pin transactions, according to a statement released last week.

Ezetap launches first 'made in India' mobile POS unit for under US$50.

The device, which also works with some featurephones, will go on sale this quarter for less than US$50. It has been certified in line with global security standards--EMV level 1 and 2--and is also compliant with the Reserve Bank of India's guidelines.

"Competing head-to-head against global payments companies using devices manufactured in China in the fast-growing mobile POS market, the entire Ezetap solution from its card reader to service platform has been 100 percent designed and developed in India," Bose said.

The Bangalore-based firm already sells a smartphone accessory that can be used to swipe a credit card, and counts 7,000 live devices in India; It is adding over 2,000 more per month.

Besides India, Ezetap is live in Kenya and will expand to Southeast Asia by October.

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  • Telling a friend about this!

    I have a friend whose relocating to India who will be happy to know about this ezetap. Here in the UK we use mPOwa (http://goo.gl/L03lj). I know he'd love to be able to use something similar when he gets there.
    • Contact info at ezetap dot com

      Let your friend know to contact info at ezetap dot com.