India to roll out high-speed Internet to 10,000 villages in 2013

India to roll out high-speed Internet to 10,000 villages in 2013

Summary: The government has spent close to US$40 million on providing 100Mbps fiber broadband connections to 250,000 villages across India, and the first 10,000 are expected to be online by the end of the year.


India will connect 10,000 villages to high-speed broadband by the end of the year. 


The Bharat Broadband Network (BBNL), the company which has the mandate to rollout broadband network, will oversee the rollout of a 100Mbps fibre broadband network that will reach 250,000 villages across India, known as gram panchayats, according to a report in The Hindu on Wednesday.

BBNL--a joint venture between the state-owned telco BSNL, Rail Tel and Power Grid Corporation of India--aims to connect another 100,000 by end-2014.

The network will have sufficient redundancy to survive multiple blackouts and a "ring architecture is also being considered" to provide multiple backup points, an official said. "If a cable connecting to a village gets disconnected, other cables in the vicinity will help the village office remain online," the official said.

BBNL and the National Information Centre have embarked on a cartography exercise of Indian villages, and network rollout maps will be available online soon. The government has already spent US$38.1 million (2.2 billion rupees) on the project. The tender process is expected be finalized by July 31. 

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  • India versus Australia

    Sounds like soon Indian villagers will have better internet access than Australians if (or when) the Coalition wins the Oz election and rolls back the 100Mbps FTTH rollout. The wave of the future.
    Daniel Ruben