Indian IT training provider launches $9M Cloud Campus

Indian IT training provider launches $9M Cloud Campus

Summary: As part of NIIT's latest online education push, about 200,000 Indian students over the next year are expected to leverage its Web applications to ask questions in virtual classrooms, perform experiments in virtual labs, and take tests online.

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Indian IT training provider NIIT has spent almost US$9 million creating 100 new courses where Web applications can be used to perform the coursework from anywhere in the world.

G. Raghavan, CEO of NIIT Career Building Solutions, told ZDNet for the Cloud Campus courses--spanning areas of IT, banking, global finance, management, digital and social media marketing--about 40 percent of the work will be performed online.
Indian IT training provider launches $9M Cloud Campus.

The company has invested US$9.25 million (500 million rupees) developing Cloud Campus, according to Prateek Chatterjee, vice president of communications at NIIT.

In a statement Tuesday, the company said tools include a Web-based interactive classroom; course documents that can be edited and stored online; and a 24/7 lab accessible via the Internet. They can also access lessons on demand and perform assessments online. This would be supplemented by physical classes at 300 NIIT centers scattered across India.
Between 150,000 and 200,000 students are expected to enrol in the Cloud Campus program for the year ending March 31, 2014, Raghavan said. "The real advantage is the learning availability that enables students to spend more learning hours including lab work according to their need and aptitude," he noted.
Amit Goel, CEO of Bangalore-based consultancy firm KnowledgeFaber, told ZDNet that Cloud Campus was an example of how new education models have emerged in the Indian market.
"The main reasons it can be successful is because it is scalable and teaches new technology courses like Big Data and analytics at a lower cost," Goel said. 

Topics: Education, India

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