Indian state considers banning mobile phones on uni campus

Indian state considers banning mobile phones on uni campus

Summary: To fight the trend of students using cellphones to participate in "vulgar activities" on campus, the Maharashtra government proposes measures to ban camera-equipped smartphones on campus including phone jammers.

Government proposal recommends banning camera-equipped phones in colleges and university campuses.

The Maharashtra government wants to fight cybercrime by installing mobile phone jammers and decoders in the campuses of educational institutions.

The Hindu reported on Sunday details of a new government proposal which suggested banning camera-equipped mobile phones in colleges and university campuses across the state. It is designed to reduce cybercrimes, Mumbai University sources told the English daily.

Prior to the proposal, a Nationalist Congress Party activist previously informed the Minister for Higher and Technical Education that some students were using mobile phones to take pictures and participate in "vulgar activities" on campus.

On June 25, Maharashtra's joint director of education sent a letter to institution heads, seeking feedback on the proposal.

The final proposal must be approved by academics and institution heads before it is implemented. 

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  • Hold a mirror

    15 Karnataka ministers were caught watching porn in the assembly in 2012. To prevent such vulgar acts, state governments should ban cellphones in government premises first and then turn towards university campuses.