Indian state-owned bank to buy dot matrix printers for rural branch

Indian state-owned bank to buy dot matrix printers for rural branch

Summary: Union Bank of India is willing to pay up to US$1,000 for 18 "fast" dot matrix printers, which will be used in one of its regional branches.

TOPICS: Printers, India
Publicly-owned Union Bank of India is in the market for 18 fast dot matrix printers for one of its branches.

The state-owned bank released the tender, which also asks for 18 passbook printers, that is expected to cost US$947 (54,000 rupees) in total.


The printers will be used at its regional branch in Kottayam, Kerala in the country's south, over 500 kilometres from Bangalore.

The successful bidder will be responsible for setting up the dot matrix printers, which are expected to be compatible with Windows 7 and 8, as well as the Finacle core banking system.
These include the Lipi 2250 or Wep HQ 1600, the bank said in the tender.

Topics: Printers, India

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  • Is this a joke?

    Why does this article even exist? Waste of my 2 minutes.
  • What?

    too silly.
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