Infosys chairman wants new airport near Bangalore IT hub

Infosys chairman wants new airport near Bangalore IT hub

Summary: On a mission to revive the outsourcing giant's fortunes, Infosys founder N. R. Narayana Murthy wants authorities to provide better infrastructure, including a new airport near the company's main Bangalore campus.

TOPICS: Outsourcing, India

Infosys executive chairman N. R. Narayana Murthy has called on the Karnatka state government to build a small airport near the company's main campus in Bangalore.

Infosys chairman wants new airport near Bangalore IT hub.

The  founder, who was recalled from retirement, made the comments at a Bangalore chamber of industry and commerce event last week, according to a Saturday report in the Economic Times.

He said it should be built near Electronics City, Bangalore's biggest IT hub, and added infrastructure facilities should be improved.
"We are not asking for anything extraordinary. We are asking for reasonably good roads, electricity, water, clean air and some English schools. We need reasonable connectivity to the airport. Ideally, we would like a small airport near Electronics City," Murthy said.
Murthy said infrastructure is critical for the IT industry, which generates a quarter of the state's gross domestic product, and created 1.5 million jobs with an average monthly wage of US$833 (50,000 rupees).

Topics: Outsourcing, India

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