Infosys co-founder Pai criticizes falling back on senior talent

Infosys co-founder Pai criticizes falling back on senior talent

Summary: Former CFO T. V Mohandas Pai says Infosys should allow younger talent to take the firm forward instead of falling back on seniors, following its recent recall of N. R. Narayana Murthy out of retirement to revive its fortunes.

TOPICS: Outsourcing, India

Infosys co-founder T. V. Mohandas Pai said the outsourcing giant should focus on empowering younger talent to lead its future and warned of overdepending on seniors to do so.

mohandas pai
Former Infosys CFO T. V. Mohandas Pai

The former Infosys chief financial officer Pai, who currently chairs Manipal Global Education, said that moves to recall seniors like himself would not make a difference and simply frustrate youngsters working in the organization, according to a report in The Economic Times on Tuesday.

This follows reports that N. R. Narayana Murthy who was recalled back from retirement to be executive chairman--a position he resigned from in 2011--had approached Pai and another co-founder, Nandan Nilekani, to rejoin him.

"Whatever the problems the government and the private sector face, youth should be given power," said Pai.

He added the organization should follow the lead of India's world champion cricket team and replace ageing veterans with young firebrands. "The senior cricketers are not playing for India anymore. They have retired (from One Day Internationals). The young players have taken over the mantle to take the Indian team forward. They are batting, bowling and fielding well. Likewise, young Infoscions should be given the responsibility to take brighten the company's prospects," Pai said.

Topics: Outsourcing, India

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  • Yes and No

    Yes, youth are the future. They frequently bring an energy and fresh perspective to the table that can be hugely beneficial.

    However, business isn't a sport. In sports, youth tend to rule because physical prowess is of the utmost importance. In business, it's mental prowess that matters. There's wisdom that comes with experience that can only be gained with age.
    • Business is not a sport

      Right on.
      When (if ever) the young hotshots learn discipline and business and management skills, THEN bring them in.
      I've worked with many a young hot prospect who could not balance his/her checkbook - not that they knew what a check was or how it worked.
      And that was in banking :-)

      P.S. You ever wonder how come, after all these years, we are still getting fixes to operating systems and applications on a weekly, if not daily, basis?
  • Read between the lines

    Layoffs are coming because you make too much and complain too much.

    Welcome to IT!
  • Customer Service

    Why are USA companies re-opening their tech centers and staffing in the USA? It's because the youths of India aren't better than the experienced guys in the USA - not better cost or better talent.
  • Neglected Talent

    The entire IT industry ignores older technical persons with experience in programming the old mainframes, and many people fired in lieu of early retirement have been forced onto Social Security because their ability to learn new DETAILS was ignored to avoid paying out pensions and get cheaper new kids for less money.

    I agree with Parrot Head about judgement and experience. If you were to board a Star Trek style starship, which captain would you rather have, Kirk, Picard, or Janeway?
    • Not sure what you're trying to say....

      Kirk, Picard and Janeway are all awesome captains. They ALL are experienced and savvy Captains. I hope you weren't implying that Janeway is the odd one out because she's a woman...I honestly can't see how your question is relevant to the topic at hand.