Infosys touts resort-like campus to attract talent

Infosys touts resort-like campus to attract talent

Summary: The Indian outsourcing giant's campus in Mysore, India, features facilities such as a cinema multiplex, bowling alley, rock climbing walls, a running track and gymnasiums.


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  • Cinedome

    Infosys is the global face of India's successful outsourcing industry, which accommodates the millions of workers that maintain the IT systems of the world's biggest companies.

    Every six months, the 340-acre campus in Mysore, India--about 140 km from the company's headquarters in Bangalore--hosts thousands of college graduates, which are trained to work on a wide spectrum of outsourcing projects.

    While ZDNet was restricted from exploring the labs and offices where workers service customers, the Indian outsourcing giant provided a golf-cart powered tour through an average day in the life of an "Infoscion".

    The campus is designed to attract the best-and-brightest graduates, and make a strong first impression that hopefully lasts years.

    Its Mysore presence has grown gradually over the past two decades, as Infosys has enjoyed greater global success. It is second only in size to the 400-acre Hyderabad campus.

    Infoscions visit the cinema, housed in a giant dome (picture above), to watch the latest English and Hindi movies. It is just one of the many forms of entertainment provided including rock climbing, multiple gyms, and even a bowling alley.

  • Java class in Global Education Center

    Up to 200 students can fill 147 classrooms housed in the two Global Education Centers. In total, Infosys can accommodate 14,000 students over 23 weeks.

  • Cricket ground

    About 3,500 maintenance and service staff maintain the campus, including the fully-equipped cricket field.

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  • Cinedome and a couple of other photos...

    It feels like Epcot at Walt Disney World. I love the Future World.
    Grayson Peddie