iYogi launches in India for SMBs, consumers

iYogi launches in India for SMBs, consumers

Summary: Global provider of tech support offers its service for both SMBs and consumers in India as a cost-effective alternative to incident-based services.


iYogi, the global provider of tech support, has launched its service for both SMBs (small and midsize businesses) and consumers in India, touting it as a cost-effective alternative to incident based services.

iYogi provides subscription-based remote and onsite support for a variety of computing devices and software.

According to Access Markets International Partners (AMI Partners), the SMB market in India is estimated at INR 100 billion (US$1.83 billion) across more than 4 million businesses in India.

"We've witnessed rapid growth since our inception and plan to maintain this by focusing on three areas--geographic expansion, focus on SMB, and service innovation to capitalize on the growth in mobility," said Uday Challu, CEO and co-founder of iYogi, at the launch.

"The tech support opportunity in India is exploding based on the rapid adoption of technology among consumers and businesses, their growing technology dependency, and the increasing complexity created by a heterogeneous device environment," he added.

iYogi's Business NonStop service is aimed at the SMB market and comprises the Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro Premium subscription plans. Under these plans, organizations will get technical support starting from INR 249 (US$4.56) per month. Business NonStop Pro Plus is targeted for organizations with 5 to 25 PCs, while Pro Premium is for organizations with more than 25 PCs.

The company has also introduced service plans for consumers and wants to be a one-stop service provider for all support needs of a digital home. "The rapid proliferation of devices including computers, smartphones and tablets, and the emerging digital lifestyle of urban users is a growing opportunity in India," said Vishal Dhar, co-founder and president of marketing for iYogi. "The consumer tech support market is underserved, and the opportunity is large and glaring."

The global on-demand services vendor provides tech support for consumers and businesses in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and GCC states. It currently deploys over 5,000 "Tech Experts" serving more than 2 million users across 10 countries. Since its launch, the company has managed more than 10 million service requests, according to iYogi.


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  • Congratulations iYogi!!

    I congratulate iYogi to launch its services in India. I am a US based Indian and I have a small garment industry, I got connected to iYogi two years back and utilized its services to take care of my company’s employees technical needs and requirements. I am sure iYogi is going to prove its mettle in its home country India. Thanks and congratulation iYogi.
  • Good Going!!

    Congratulation iYogi, I am sure you people will extend the similar support to the small scale business people in India that you have extended to us in U.S. I appreciate your attempt and I am really happy for your guys. You have given me the best technical support in keeping my laptop and computer trouble-free and I hope you will continue to do that in future. Thanks iYogi.