VMware India gears up for bigger global role

VMware India gears up for bigger global role

Summary: Its Indian R&D center is playing an increasingly important role in the company's software development and IP creation, and the company has invested more to maximize its potential.


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  • VMwareman

    Working for VMware India isn't your ordinary technology job on the subcontinent.

    Unlike some R&D facilities that are limited to testing and quality assurance, and nothing more, VMware's Indian innovation presence forms a key plank in the company's global software manufacturing machine. The development of the recent vCloud Hybrid Service was a joint effort between Bangalore and Palo Alto.

    But the company isn't stopping there.

    It has just invested US$120 million to contruct a new building that can house up to 3,000 workers, a substantial portion of which will be the R&D workforce.

    Niranjan Maka, VMware India managing site director, R&D, is himself on a mission to transform the culture of his territory. Not only will it jointly develop technologies with its sister facilities around the world, he hopes that one day India will actually develop the next generation of intellectual property and products that will drive the company's future growth.

  • VMware's India's R&D chief

    Niranjan Maka believes that VMware is just starting out on its journey to transform the computing landscape. Virtualization changed the way that companies utilize their computing power, and he said there's a similar opportunity in the areas of data center and networking. He believes the Indian R&D center will play a big role in this change.

  • The virtual factory floor

    This was the floor that 50 VMware Indian R&D workers developed the vCloud Connector (VCC), which sits at the heart of the recently released vCloud Hybrid Service. The VCC seamlessly transfers a customer's workloads between their private and public cloud assets. Maka said the vCloud Hybrid service was jointly developed by the company's Bangalore and Palo Alto offices.

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