Increase the wireless data signal for your SOHO with the zBoost DataBlast 4G Signal Booster

Increase the wireless data signal for your SOHO with the zBoost DataBlast 4G Signal Booster

Summary: Some signal boosters require you to cradle or directly connect your mobile device. The zBoost DataBlast increases your signal strength and is actually quite easy to setup and use.


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  • My temporary zip tie solution for testing

  • Running the cable through the screen

  • Verizon signal status - before zBoost installation

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  • Question

    We have terrible AT&T signal in our home but have great WiFi. Do these signal boosters only improve data access or do they improve voice too?
    • DataBlast Response

      Hi, I’m a Wi-Ex employee and wanted to answer the questions you have regarding the DataBlast. The DataBlast only boosts 4G/LTE/AWS, which is all data. It does not include voice BUT we have an entire line of signal boosters that boost voice. We offer an upgrade DataBlast kit that allows you to pair your DataBlast unit with an existing 2G/3G signal booster. For more info visit:
  • Why

    would a typical SOHO user want to boost the wireless data signal? Isn't that what (free) WiFi is perfectly suited for?

    Boosting the voice signal makes sense.
    • Wireless even faster than 4g

      I agree a Wireless Router $200.00. Enough said.
      • Wireless router

        $200.00 is way to much for the ROI.
        • Oooppss

          Not to mention $400.00 for a signal booster.
  • "setup" vs "set up"

    BTW, "setup" is a noun ( When used as a verb, it's "set up"; thus "quite easy to set up and use."
  • Signs and Magnitudes.

    "I understand that the lower the number, the better the signal and that something like -60 is great while -120 is unacceptable."

    -60 is larger than -120.
    Beast Of Bodmin