India to create cybersecurity policy

India to create cybersecurity policy

Summary: Country creating "coherent and comprehensive" cybersecurity policy to ward off "anarchic new world" of online threats, including developing protocols for monitoring and interception, report states.


India plans to create "coherent and comprehensive" cybersecurity policy that will include boosting its security networks and infrastructure, and setting up certification systems and monitoring protocols--which it says will require not just effort from government, but "entire scientific and technological strength of the country".

The Times of India reported Wednesday that National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon said the government is "in the process of putting in place the capabilities and the systems in India that will enable us deal with this anarchic new world of constant and undeclared cyberthreat, attack, counter-attack and defense".

Menon was speaking at the launch of a report by Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA), which he said calls for a "coherent and comprehensive cybersecurity policy", it added.

Besides setting up a system of certification and responsibility for telecommunication equipment as well as procedures and protocols to rationalize communication interception and monitoring, the official said India needs to "harden our critical networks".

The aim is to create a "climate and environment within which security is built into our [digital] and communications working methods", he added.

Menon said while the National Technical Research Organisation is tasked to deal with protecting India's critical security infrastructure, other institutions such as the Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-IN) have "proved their worth" at events including the 2010 Commonwealth Games when some 8,000 cyberattacks were warded off.

Hence, the cybersecurity policy must be more than just a whole government effort, he noted. "It must include the entire scientific and technological strength of the country, whether in laboratories, universities or in our private sector firms," he said.

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