Infor moves its CloudSuite to AWS

Infor moves its CloudSuite to AWS

Summary: One intangible benefit for Infor may be cloud credibility. By building on AWS, the company negates potential concerns about reliability and scale.


Infor on Wednesday outlined plans to build its CloudSuite on Amazon Web Services in a move that gives the SAP and Oracle rival some cloud heft.

Enterprise buyers will still buy CloudSuite as a service through Infor, but the company plans to be able to roll out more industry specific services faster via AWS.

Infor was a key customer win for AWS at its summit in San Francisco. The game for Infor is relatively simple: Convince its massive installed base of 70,000 customers to upgrade from on-premises deployments to the cloud. Infor has revamped its user experience, added analytics and social capabilities to better compete against the much larger Oracle and SAP.

Brian Rose, senior vice president of Infor Labs, said that about 2,000 customers are on CloudSuite, which has 12 million users. "We have credibility in the cloud today, but the vast majority of our customers are on premises," said Rose. "Over the next five years customers will be moving to the cloud fast."

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Last year, Infor rolled out an "UpgradeX" program that prods customers to upgrade on-premises applications to CloudSuite. Infor also overhauled its user interface. Infor's CloudSuite includes analytics, middle ware, social collaboration tools, enterprise management, and extension apps.

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For Infor, AWS will allow it to scale faster and launch in Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Infor previously had co-located data centers to deliver CloudSuite. "We don't have to set up global locations. The cap-ex vs. op-ex benefits are significant," said Rose.

One intangible benefit for Infor may be cloud credibility. By building on AWS, the company negates potential concerns about reliability and scale. Meanwhile, Infor could be seen by IT buyers as more independent given that Oracle is likely to want customers on one stack whether its applications, hardware, or cloud.

For AWS, Infor provides a series of industry specific applications on its infrastructure. Infor said it plans to roll out its industry suites on AWS throughout 2014. In the Spring, Infor CloudSuite Automotive, Aerospace and Defense and Hospitality will be the first industry applications to move to AWS. In the summer, Infor said its CloudSuite Corporate, which includes financials and human capital management will move to AWS.

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  • Performance?

    How well will it do when its trying to do an in line MRP rollup for say 100 parts with 4 levels in the BoM? Or say 20 people adding multiline sales orders concurrently across a limited number of parts with finite scheduling. (both activities require a lot of write and read on the same data)
    This could be interesting.
    • Performance... No problem.

      I think that should list enough companies including several NASA missions all running on the AWS infrastructure who would vouch for the power available to them at a second's notice.

      According to a recent Gartner MQ, Amazon has 5 times more compute power than the next 14 providers combined, all on flexible, elastic platforms.

      I guarantee Infor on AWS will be quicker than your current onsite solution - as well as more secure, flexible and cheaper.
      • Not what I was looking for

        The only one that comes close is Imperia and Monferrina , and they are using the light weight eBiz. The others that are close use AWS as a back up to the main ERP system or as some sort of web front end.
        Both of these activities we also do with ERP systems.
        But getting the cloud to support day to day hammering of the database and a lot of caching of millions of results befor providing an answer is what I question

        The profile of these companies is all about getting a vaiable number of people to hit a web site with little transactional activity, not teh same

        If you have an example similar to what I mentioned I would like to know.

        We have been working on this for 5 years and not good enough to release to customers.

        Info have a range of products, some light weight, I will be keen to see what they release.