Innovative tech at Cambridge open day

Innovative tech at Cambridge open day

Summary: From flying saucers to sniffer bees; an open day at Cambridge University gave entrepreneurs and start-ups the chance to demonstrate their ideas

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • Search-and-rescue flying saucers, sniffer bees and mobile maps are just some of the inventions that were showcased at a Cambridge University open day.

    The event was hosted by the St John's Innovation Centre, which provides support to businesses ranging from entrepreneurs who need office space to mature businesses seeking technology partnerships.

    Held at Cambridge's Churchill College, the annual open day gives entrepreneurs and start-ups the chance to demonstrate their innovative ideas.

    Pictured is a flying saucer, developed by Cambridge-based company GFS Projects, which could be used as a search-and-rescue alternative to a helicopter.

    The saucer is also being trialled on farms for crop inspection and treatment.

  • Pictured is the prototype unmanned flying saucer hovering over Churchill College, Cambridge.

    The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which is 60cm-diameter, takes off and lands vertically and can fly in winds of up to 10mph.

    It has no exposed rotating parts and can hover over one place or move in any direction making it possible to take aerial photographs for surveillance.

    The saucer also has military applications to help reconnaissance missions, with the Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Defense both showing interest in the technology.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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