Inside a Vodafone cell tower: photos

Inside a Vodafone cell tower: photos

Summary: As Vodafone begins the task of rolling out its massive network upgrade, the company gave ZDNet Australia an exclusive look into one of its cell towers located in North Sydney.

TOPICS: Telcos, Mobility

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  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    This cell site router connects to the backhaul and also keeps in contact with Vodafone's three other towers located in Chatswood and Lane Cove.

  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    Vodafone's 2G base station transceiver systems, currently supplied by Ericsson.

    Equipment in the control room will soon be replaced with Huawei kit. Huawei's cabinet is slightly larger than the Ericsson cabinets, but will be able to use spectrum bands for 2G, 3G and potentially Long Term Evolution (LTE).

  • (Credit: Josh Taylor/ZDNet Australia)

    The company has three of these units for each of the spectrum bands utilised by the company. The 2100MHz 3G system is housed in Optus' control room.

Topics: Telcos, Mobility


Armed with a degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Journalism, Josh keeps a close eye on the telecommunications industry, the National Broadband Network, and all the goings on in government IT.

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  • You can see clearly here that Optus would have better reception as their antennas are serving 4 planes of reception.
    Vodafone only servers three planes of reception.
  • Don't know about that, triangles and squares are both circular.
  • 18th Mar 11- I tried to exit Vodafony after 6+ months on almost non-existent data access and patchy phone reception/dropped calls etc but they can't even let me go without stuffing it up. I have a smartphone that today was locked after porting and won't work as they can't unlock it for a further 10 working days. Their admin is woeful, their service for accessing email and internet via phone doesn't work in most locations around Sydney & all the while they take no responsibility for their failures or wrong information they provide. I will need to buy a cheap phone and not use internet with my new provider to get me over the next few weeks until they fix their issues and let me go. More expensive by me and more problems & frustrating calls on hold with Vodafraud. Great customer service - NOT !!!
  • @vodafraud
    What does your rant have to do with the inside of a cell tower??
  • The reception depends on the beamwidth of each sector antenna (among other factors), for example 90 degrees vs 120 degrees of antenna coverage. It also depends on where the antenna's are pointed/aligned and where the network designers specified they need to cover. If you look at the antenna pictures, you will notice that on one side both companies either do not have an antenna, or have antenna's pointed away from that side.
  • Hmm...

    It also might be pointed in the direction where there are the most people ;-) I'm finding vodafone tower reception is brilliant now... can even get basic reception at my parents house in berwick where there is no telstra reception (and there are upgrades coming - which will be useful in the next 3 months)