Inside IDF: Intel shows you the future

Inside IDF: Intel shows you the future

Summary: Coke machines, a psychologist, and futuristic grocery shopping combine with Intel's usual display of new chip and hardware technology at the Intel Developer Forum from San Francisco.


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  • Rick Roberts, research scientist at Intel Labs, shows off Intel's 'Line of Sight Marketing' demo and how future marketers can use light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and signage as a tool to help consumers make purchasing decisions

  • Doug Carmean, research scientist at Intel Labs, shows off Intel Labs' 'Display without Boundaries' demo to showcase the transformation of how and where we display and interact with our content in the future.

  • Margie Morris, clinical psychologist and research scientist at Intel Labs, explains Intel's 'Emotion through Images' demo, which explores the emotional associations people have with images and the potential of images to foster emotionally rich exchange.

Topics: Emerging Tech, Intel, Mobility, Processors, Tablets

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