Inside Kroll Ontrack's new data recovery lab

Inside Kroll Ontrack's new data recovery lab

Summary: Last week, Kroll Ontrack opened a new clean room facility for data recovery in Brisbane. We take a peek inside the operation of the facility.

TOPICS: Security, Storage

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  • (Credit: Kroll Ontrack)

    It takes two years for an engineer to complete the training on basic tools and techniques, before specialising in various areas of data recovery.

  • (Credit: Kroll Ontrack)

    High powered microscopes, often used in medical research, are used to inspect hard drive heads, to detect mechanical issues and check alignment. The equipment is modified to show the alignment and spacing requirements of the head assembly on a hard drive.

  • (Credit: Kroll Ontrack)

    Recovered data is copied onto storage devices, for example, portable hard drives. As the data is copied, the files are validated to make sure they're of good quality.

Topics: Security, Storage

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  • White coats add an extra layer of protection!
  • Wow, these guys are hacks.. Seriously, no full cleanroom suit? Just opening drives without a face mask , hair net,etc? Looks like they went cheap with the cleanroom too (not even a room, it's just a bench with a drop down plastic wall ....
  • SteveFromCalifornia, the only hack around here is you. Get a life. These guys are professionals and it doesnt matter if they wear a full suit or not. The fact is these guys recover lots of drives. How many have you recovered? Thats what I thought. Go away.