Inside Logitech's video labs for optical design, 3D prototyping

Inside Logitech's video labs for optical design, 3D prototyping

Summary: Let's take a stroll through Logitech's new video labs for optical and audio testing in Silicon Valley.


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    When people talk about 3D these days, 3D printing of prototypes hasn't gotten as much attention as movies and such.  But the potential cost savings here for businesses could be huge.

    Logitech posited that 3D prototyping is the "first step" in coming up with good concepts and understanding how those concepts fit the user experience -- something that could prove difficult (if not impossible) on paper alone.


    Kamran Khoshkhou, a mechanical engineer and lab manager at Logitech, described that 3D prototyping allows them to build prototypes overnight rather than over two to three weeks. This means that the team can edit and revise prototypes on a quicker timeline and more often, possibly moving a project forward at a greater speed than possible before.



    All of the design work for the prototyping is done on a computer. For the presentation, Khoshkhou made his own replica of the Darth Vader helmet, which he jokingly repeated that it was just for fun and he's not trying to violate any copyright laws.

    Nevertheless, the details on the helmet looked extremely precise when printed. On the first try, they weren't precise enough as Khoshkhou said there were a few gaps he had to fix. But the second one worked, acting as a nice privacy shade for the BCC950 ConferenceCam.

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  • Everything looks sooo boring.

    Engineers must be taking drugs to stay alive in that completely uninspiring place.