Inside Logitech's video labs for optical design, 3D prototyping

Inside Logitech's video labs for optical design, 3D prototyping

Summary: Let's take a stroll through Logitech's new video labs for optical and audio testing in Silicon Valley.


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    Logitech executives reiterated that "most companies" outsource manufacturing processes to OEM partners in China and other parts of the world. They wanted to make the point that Logitech is different in this regard as it designs and tests all of its own parts in-house at these labs in Silicon Valley.

    When everything is go to go, the designs are then produced at Logitech's own factories outside of Shanghai for precise monitoring and quality assurance.


    Logitech reps added that all of the equipment and tools available in the Shanghai factories are also on-hand and used here at the labs in Silicon Valley so that everything matches up correctly.


    One example is this color matrix station, which was in use for testing a TV webcam.

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  • Everything looks sooo boring.

    Engineers must be taking drugs to stay alive in that completely uninspiring place.