Inside Logitech's video labs for optical design, 3D prototyping

Inside Logitech's video labs for optical design, 3D prototyping

Summary: Let's take a stroll through Logitech's new video labs for optical and audio testing in Silicon Valley.


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    Logitech said that it conducts "iterative testing" to camera design changes repeatedly to re-check the impacts of said changes. This is done to ensure consistency in quality and fast cycle times when compared to manual processes, which can take days.


    Logitech engineers stressed that they test image quality based on industry standards to measure metrics such as sharpness and color. They said this is done with the intention to not only meet but also exceed industry standards on their products.


    In this photo, a Logitech engineer is comparing the image quality produced by two cameras. The one on the left (at which the engineer is pointing) is the Logitech example, and the one on the right is from an unnamed competitor.

    The primary difference seen in this photo (and clearer in person, I assure you) is that the one from Logitech is much more defined as a black and white image, while the one on the right from a competitor has a rosy tone. For reference, both products are on the market now.

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  • Everything looks sooo boring.

    Engineers must be taking drugs to stay alive in that completely uninspiring place.