Inside Microsoft's Reading technology centre

Inside Microsoft's Reading technology centre

Summary: At Microsoft's technology centre in Reading, customers can discuss their IT needs, sample products and develop technology in partnership with the company

TOPICS: IT Employment

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  • Microsoft Technology Centre reception

    Enterprises choosing a vendor with which to invest millions need to know the technology is reliable, represents value for money and will make the business work more effectively.

    As one of the vendors with which businesses are likely to invest significant sums, Microsoft has a network of technology centres (MTCs) around the world where organisations can go to discuss IT needs, test the technology in question and then develop it further with Microsoft's help.

    The company has two technology centres in the UK — in Edinburgh and at its UK HQ in Reading, shown above. ZDNet UK's sister site recently paid a visit to the Reading MTC to get a customer's view of Microsoft's process for helping with major buying decisions.

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  • MTC envisioning room

    Customers are invited to see how Microsoft technology works in the MTC's envisioning room, which contains various products — including the touchscreen Surface — and a number of big screens on which MTC staff can demonstrate software.

    Photo: Tim Ferguson/

Topic: IT Employment

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  • This is big news for individuals and organizations who are used to seeking help with Microsoft online. I see it's a delight because of the chance to personally collaborate with Microsoft personnel and even their experts. Good thing that they've come up with this great means to deliver the exact solutions we need from them!