Inside NBN's $32.5m 'nerve centre': photos

Inside NBN's $32.5m 'nerve centre': photos

Summary: The National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) has opened its Network Operations and Test Facility (NOTF), which it calls the "nerve centre" of the NBN. Take a walk with ZDNet Australia to see what the back end of Australia's biggest network will be like.


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  • (Credit: David Braue/ZDNet Australia)

    Darren Alexander, CEO of Tasmanian firm Autech Software & Design (l), was among the 100 or so guests to attend the opening of the centre, which, along with the companion NBN Co truck demonstration vehicle, is expected to attract 100,000 people per year.

  • (Credit: David Braue/ZDNet Australia)

    The NBN Co facility's boardroom is positioned next to the Network Service and Operations Centre (NSOC), a 24x7 monitoring and control facility that controls the NBN across the country. In the event of an unplanned natural or other disaster, senior NBN Co staff can assemble around this table and work directly with support staff to ensure that downtime is minimised or avoided altogether.

  • (Credit: David Braue/ZDNet Australia)

    Staff within the NSOC work 24x7 in teams including a Customer Operations Team (to support NBN Co partners), Network Surveillance Team (to proactively monitor and manage the NBN) and Operations Support Team (delivering comprehensive network maintenance).

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