Inside Nokia's headquarters: A photo tour

Inside Nokia's headquarters: A photo tour

Summary: From reindeer stew to a wall of Nokia's greatest hits, here's a look inside Nokia's global HQ, not far from the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

TOPICS: Nokia, Mobility, EU

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  • MIA, the Nokia 9110 Communicator

    A particularly notable Nokia 9110, one of the family of the Communicator range, should be on show here.

    The device, made at Nokia's Salo facility, was Nokia's100 millionth phone.

    The phone (pictured below) is now missing, much like the factory it came from, which shut this autumn.  

    2012-11-27 01.03.26 pm
    Image: Nokia

    The 9110 weighed in just 253g - considerably smaller than the preceding generaion of Communicator, which tipped the scales at half a kilogram.

  • Wall of Nokia fame

    Among the various devices on show in the Nokia wall of fame is the Nokia 7110 (on the far left). Released in 1999, it was regarded as the peak of mobile innovation at the time, and is best known for helping Keanu Reeves' character Neo navigate The Matrix.

  • Steel and glass

    With only five or six hours of light in the Finnish winter, this web of steel and glass lets as much of it as possible into the Espoo HQ.

Topics: Nokia, Mobility, EU

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  • Re: arch phone display

    That's a mall kiosk they used to sell the Lumias in different parts of the world.
    • Re: That's a mall kiosk they used to sell the Lumias

      How sad. The Asha alone would have brought in more than their entire Lumia effort to date.