Inside Telecity's co-location datacentre

Inside Telecity's co-location datacentre

Summary: The West London datacentre is set to triple in size, so it can serve as a capacity spillover for Telecity's multitude of Docklands and City datacentres


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  • Data hall in construction

    The company is tripling the size of the facility with a new set of 12 data halls. The new building will be built using more modern techniques, which are expected to increase the power efficiency of the overall site.

    The data halls will come online in three stages, with four going live at a time. Each hall will have its own generator and power distribution systems for added redundancy. Telecity could not say when the work will be complete.

    Photo credit: Jack Clark

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  • Transformer

    As with all datacentres, provisioning the extra power to the site was a challenge. Originally, Telecity ordered 24MVA of power capacity from utility Scottish and Southern Energy, which has a distribution station around a mile away from the facility's north Acton site. This proved to be difficult, so it changed the order to 60MVA, which was a large enough order for the utility to agree to construct a substation and transformer (pictured) onsite.

    Because a National Grid distribution point is around 150 metres away from the substation, less power is lost between the two during transmission. The power supply was one of Telecity's main considerations when choosing the site for Powergate.

    Coupland explained that the co-location provider is in talks with energy suppliers to know "where they are in terms of grid capacity", so they can together plan future datacentres.

    Photo credit: Jack Clark

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  • Artist's impression of the datacentre

    When completed, the expanded facility will have an additional 21MW of IT power at its disposal and over 100,000 additional square feet of IT space, according to Telecity.

    The old data halls and the new ones will be linked by an overhead walkway (pictured). The company hopes to move the PUE down from 1.65 to 1.35 by tweaking the overall design.

    Photo credit: Telecity

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