Inside Telstra's super-fast 4G rollout

Inside Telstra's super-fast 4G rollout

Summary: Telstra's 4G upgrades are occurring in the unlikeliest of places. Even retirement homes.

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  • (Image: Josh Taylor/ZDNet)

    Prior to the upgrade, the dining area underneath the immediate construction area, where residents in the retirement village gather for meals, was roped off to ensure that there was no risk of injury in the process of the upgrade.

  • (Image: Josh Taylor/ZDNet)

    The new antennas will be painted to match the colour of the building, which is one of the easier methods of blending the infrastructure into a site. Disguising a tower as a tree, as NBN Co has been known to do, is one of the more expensive options, Piper said. One of the most expensive camouflage jobs Telstra has done was making a base station on Cockatoo Island look like a water tower, according to Piper.

  • (Image: Josh Taylor/ZDNet)

    There are a number of safety checks that need to take place before roping over the building. Only qualified ropers are able to undertake the task, and an emergency roping kit sits ready in case of any emergency. Piper said that the 4G upgrade has been one of the safest Telstra has undertaken.

    As he climbed over the roof and settled in next to the antenna, Graham discovered that the bolts were stuck on the antenna that needed to be removed, and it had to be sawn off the building before the new antenna could be installed.

Topics: Telcos, 4G, Telstra


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